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  1. Loving God

    The Bible study group I lead consists of underprivileged people, often considered as outcasts of the society. Most heard about Jesus and attended church for a while. Many even memorize a few verses of the Bible. The most disheartening observation is that loving Jesus is mostly a concept to them.

    But as I relate this observation to my other Bible study at the church I attend, I find much resemblance. Many seem to think they love the Lord because they attend midweek service (in addition to regular Sunday service), sing in the choir, or tithe.

    When a man falls in love with a woman, he knows he is in love. When he thinks of her, his heart becomes tender, yearning to see her again. It bewilders me when a brother in my Bible study thinks he loves Jesus even though his heart has no yearning for the Lord. Would he think he loved a woman if his heart had no yearning to see her? Who taught him that he could love the Lord without the heart going out for Him? Who showed him that he could love God intellectually?

  2. Hey Rupert , Maybe the Lord is telling you to tell him. :D:D:D

    All kidding aside . No one who is really a born again believer would have no love for the Lord or maybe they are not truly born again. When I think of what the Lord did for me on the cross and His love for me , I truly love Him. I want to serve Him , I want to please Him. I want to follow Him . Every day my love for Him grows as I reflect on His eternal love for me.

    Tonight at our cell group that is exactly what each of us did, just told each other how much we love the Lord and how He is working inour lives It's awesome.
  3. It is sad to say but there are many lost people who go to church all the time. You can miss heaven by 18 inches- the distance from your head to your heart.
  4. Dusty:
    Thank you for the note. I hope your cell group prospers in every way so that all experience the foretaste of the Glory of God.

    When one becomes a new believer, it could be the intellectual decision. I don't see anything wrong with it. I only hope it becomes a heart matter sooner or later.
  5. My people have been lost sheep;
    their shepherds have led them astray,
    turning them away on the mountains;
    from mountain to hill they have gone,
    they have forgotten their fold. [Jeremiah 50:6-7]

    Israelites forgot their God according to their own rebellious nature. God scolded them. But God scolded their leaders separately for not leading them in His way.

    As I reflect on this passage from Jeremiah, I have much compassion for my brothers because they were not taught that a mortal man could love eternal God with his heart. If they stumble, it's according to their own rebellious nature. But their teachers are to be under double judgement.

    A question forms in me. What would their future teachers think of me? Would they say I taught well? Or would they have to be harsh with me for not teaching their sheep well?

    ........... you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. [James 3:1]

    I used to be responsible for my own soul. Now, as a teacher, I have many precious souls of the Lord's entrusted to me. With much fear I seek the Lord, for I will be under double judgement.

  6. Yes, going to church every Sunday no more makes me a christian that sitting in my shed and going broom broom makes me a car.

    I totally agree with you Rupert, that is why he calls us all his bride - no groom wants a relationship with his bride that involves no conversation, no intimacy, no relationship. Unfortunately too many people are placing an emphasis on what God can do for us instead of us forming a relationship with him.
  7. Sometimes love is instantanious, sometimes it grows like a nurtured flower but the attraction is always there. We may need to pull a few weeds and do a little prunning but the life stems from abiding in the vine. I would encourage you to have your group focus on their personal time with God. Like all things such a realtionship will grow faster when we are willing to invest enough time and effort.
    The Holy Spirit (paraclete) is the one Jesus sent to walk beside, teach, guide and encourage us. He is with us every moment- imagine the one who loves you most and walks every step of our loves with us being ignored, not talked to or fellowshipped with. When we begin to include Him in our work, play rest, etc., we become atuned to His presence. As we become atuned to His presence He begins to reveal the Father, He begins to reveal the Son and He breathes on the Holy Word of God making it real in our lives. There is no substitute for relationship with God and He has placed you strategically in a spot were you may lead others into this very life of God- Hallelujah! I will be praying your group gets hungry for God. Once they taste of Him there will be no holding them back!
  8. Thankyou, IKTCA and I have been meaning to ask. Do those letters stand for something ?

    I belong to two cell groups and the one is taught by a professor at the Christian University here. It is a very valuable opportunity in my life as we can ask very deep questions of him and he is very knowlegeable but also a wonderful born again Christian as well. I thank God for leading me to these groups of caring, understanding ,loving, peoples.
  9. I see

    it as these people being where they are in live as problem with knowing who they are in Christ. They don't know any better. You can't love whay you don't know. It is about a relationship with God. Not about laws. God wants man to seek Him out.
    Matthew 7:7
    Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
    most people don't beleive they could have a purpose. they are just enduring till they get to the other side. I beleive that we can have heaven on earth God tells me I can. Luke 11:2
    And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.
    I can have Hell on earth if I want it is my choice..
    Tell these people who they are. God has drawn them to be there or they wowuld not be there. it is up to YOU:read-bible:
  10. Blessed is your soul for you go in and out in the Lord's love.
  11. Blessed are the brothers of my Bible study group, for they now have you praying for them before the Father. I thank you in the name of Jesus.
    It is an abbreviation: I Kneel To Christ Alone. I consider it the declaration of my resolve to serve the Lord only.

  12. Beautiful Rupert ..... Thanks.


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