Love is here

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by ajoyfulsound, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Love is here

    Hello everyone, I am very proud to have found this site. I am a firm believer that God opens many doors and windows, when we open our heart soul and mind to him.

    Gods love is here and we must learn to be open to it, let it shine in our good times and bad.. Love when there is no love to be found as this is what our lord did for us so long ago..

    Sing with a joyful sound as worship is a strong warrier for all christians...

    Love you all in christ and glad to be here.. Deb
  2. Welcome to CFS, Deb. :)
  3. Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. :israel:
  4. Welcome to the forum . Glad to have you here.

    I just know you will be happy here .

    I also know where Amherstburg is as was born and raised in Windsor and all my family still live there . God Bless.
  5. thank you every one I appreciate your welcoming me! I am truly blessed to have found you all..
  6. Welcome to the forums Deb! This is a wonderful place and I am glad you found it too :)
  7. Welcome Deb.:)

  8. Welcome to the forums Deb! Great to have you here...

    God Bless
  9. Welcome!

    This really is a great site, and everyone is wonderful!
    The scriptor, testimonies, opinions and encouragment are just the beginning to the great things you will find in the posts!

    Awsome to have yoiu here!!!:dance:
  10. Hi!!! ajoyfulsound...
    love that name!!!
    Welcome to CFS...

    :groupray:We are blessed to have you with us:groupray:
  11. Welcome God bless you.

    Jesus loves you.
  12. Hi and welcome.
  13. Thank you everyone, you all have just brought me to tears,, It has been a very long time since I have felt such love and acceptance.. God graced me when I found this place! I know by being here I will not only grow closer to Christ but gain true confidence in who I am in Christ!

    God blessed me with all of you.. Thank you again
  14. Hi Deb,

    They are very wise words! I am learning to be more open to it day by day! :D Welcome to CFS! :groupray:
  15. welcome aboard !!!

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