Love is a light, that shines on truth

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  1. Love is a light, that shines on truth

    Love is a light, that shines on truth.

    Hate is darkness, that tries to corrupt youth.

    Love enjoys the light, for it exposes good deeds.

    Hate hides from the light, it exposes corruption and greed.

    We all know that every thought and deed will be exposed to the light.

    Lord have mercy on me, for I am a sinner, who has wasted his birthright.

    Here is a wonderful thing. God not only accepts and forgives, he rejoices for every lost soul that is found.

    I am not afraid of the darness, for when I'm standing in my Father's light, the darkness disappears.

    I love you all for the true light that shines through you.
  2. Amen Don! Thanks for that good word!
  3. Thanks Bo, the good word is, "you're back in town". Hope you are doing well, you are a blessing to all of us.
  4. Don .... God has given you a wonderful talent . Thanks for that brother.
  5. Full of meaning that penetrates the heart thank you brother

    God bless
  6. Thanks so much for sharing Don!

    Bo, I just logged on today , been away for awhile, nice to see you here.


  7. Lovely words of comfort and a wonderful reminder, thanks for sharing this have a great talent...keep it up Brother


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