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  1. I want to warn everybody about this phone scam so I posted the email I sent to the News channel and CMPD police. WE as Christians have the wisdom of God but I wanted to post this anyway! :)
    Peace in Jeuss
    Miz KJV Only
    1/15/2015 9:19am

    Dear WBTV News,
    I want to let you know about this SCAM so you can warn elderly citizens in our Charlotte community. This call came in early this morning from 1-876-398-5170 with a man saying he was Michael Smith from the Mega Million Lotto Company. I had just won 3.5 million dollars and a check would be delivered to me today by 12 noon. To prove who I am, I'm to go Walgreens or CVS and buy a Green Dot Money Patch Scratch Card for 1% of the lotto money $405.00. The taxes have already been taken out of the check so this card is to prove that I'm the one who is the winner. I ask what happens if I don't have the card when the check is delivered and he says they will have to go back with the prize money check. I said I want them to email me all this information and Michael said on the UPS delivery had my information.
    This guy says they UPS are driving from Livingston NC or SC I don't remember which one. He goes all into details about this winning. Then he wants me to call him back. I call back this
    876-398-5170 number and its a Check Call Restricted number. Then my phone rings again and its this Michael Smith guy saying hes calling from a new number for me to call back when I get this Green Dot Money Patch Scratch Card. The new number is 513-394-8070 and I call it. A man picks up with the same voice as this Michael guy but he says his name is James from the delivery dept.
    By this time I was tired of this mess, eating up my cell phone minutes and waking me up from a good sleep!! I tell this James, Michael person to go call someone else and he gets ignorant on the phone and I hang up. He calls back and I reject the call and he calls back again and cusses at me and I hang up.
    Sooooo........ if I had been an elderly person, I may have given them my full name with my address and any other information. I may have gotten this money card and called them back and they would have come , mugged me and took the money. This sounds like an old scam but since PCH lotto has lots of commercials on TV, it might work on some poor elderly person. Please warn people. Thanks.
    Peace in Jesus

  2. Unfortunately there are a lot of malicious people about scamming.
    What is sad is that people are deceived by it.
    Even ministers like me get caught by it. As ministers, the human heart is our responsibly and we sometimes can be taken in (not so much with money though).
    I pray that all who are victims or intended victims are watched by our own security guard...Jesus.
    We have a lot of scams like this in the UK.
  3. I get plenty of these scams from time to time, but they are a total waste of time. Send me a message that I just won a huge sum of money and I just laugh. I don't buy lottery is that simple.
    I get messages supposedly from paypal wanting me to verify my account details... these messages carry the paypal logo, but they don't even know my name:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    I'm in my senior years, but these crims are not equal to the task of exploiting me.
    What seniors and other vulnerable people need is a simple check list.

    1 Did I even buy a lottery ticket?
    No.....enough said :)
    2 If so, can this person tell me what my ticket number is?
    No,....enough said :)
    3 Any message claiming to be from a bank or other financial organization or the government must know my name up front.
    NO.....enough said :)
    4 Any message claiming to be from UPS wanting personal info because of a failed delivery is bogus straight off.
    if the parcel has no address info,..why ask me? (I've actually had several of these scam messages believe it or not.)

    There may be other safety checks, but the above would be useful for starters and can be printed out and kept in a handy place.
  4. I agree.

    Then there is this easy lesson to remember. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE..............IT IS!!!
    You will never get something for nothing except the love of God in Christ!
  5. I remember a scam that was tried on me about 10 years ago or so. A check was mailed to my house from a lawyers office saying I had inherited the money. It gave instructions for me to cash the check and immediately send a percentage (don't remember the exact amount) to pay for the taxes to a agency (with address) listed in the letter. My first thought was to call the lawyer and ask about it but instead I called the bank the check was on to verify the funds. Turns out the checks were stolen and the whole thing was a scam that had been in operation for sometime. I learned real quick to always check everything out before falling for anything.

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