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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Michael Collum, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Lost posts

    It was said on the thread


    that some posts were lost . now from what i understand by looking at Vivax's post count, before and after, it appears they were deleted .

    because i was advised the moderators were looking for the posts and thank you for my patience . i was curious as to whether these posts would arise sometime later in a thread in the private discussion area . or if they're gone for good .

    it would be helpful to know in advance if posts are being deleted so i can copy the content somewhere else for further analysis .

    thanks . hope you guys are well .
  2. Michael

    You were told that the posts were lost . They were not deleted .The staff is doing everything they can . We are short staffed and are trying to do the best for every one . the OP was asked to start a new thread in private but he has not returned .

    Thank you for your interest.
  3. Okay . thank you Dusty . i interpreted your request to create another thread aimed at me because my question (re:my and vivax's conversation on that thread) was not answered . thank you for answering my question . and sorry if you took my perception as some sort of combative statement . it wasn't meant that way . if they're lost .. then they're lost . good to know thanks .
  4. Thank you Michael for your understanding and patience .

    We are trying to do the best for all and need all the members prayers to move forward as CFS grows .

    I am sorry for the loss but believe me there could have been a glitch in the system when they were transferred as they were there and then they disappeared . Sorry for the inconvenience .

    One thing for sure they were NOT DELETED.
  5. It's alright .. i recall facing an "enemy" the next day that seemed to really hate the tactics we were speaking of . so a "glitch" would seem within reasonable hypothesis range .

    Thank you Dusty :)
  6. Oh and by the way , Michael it was not Vivax ... It was X19_N3
  7. Yes it was N3's thread but the posts that got lost were between Vivax and I .
  8. As Dusty said, we are short on staff and are trying to do everything at once.

    The posts were NOT deleted. I'm sorry that the posts were lost, though! I know there was a lot of discussion put into the thread.

    But once there's a glitch, we can't really do anything about it :(

    Thanks for understanding, though, Michael :)

    Feel free to create another thread, however.

    Thanks and God Bless!

    And the thread was posting in was an New Members thread. That's why it was asked to move the conversation somewhere else. And again, I do apologize that your posts were lost in the process!
  9. I understand Katie . and sorry i can't be of more help . will continue praying for you guys .
  10. Thank you. And thanks for understanding :)

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