Lost Love

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  1. Lost Love

    We had been goin' out for about two months. I still remember
    the first time I met her.

    It was at a stormy football game. She was tryin' to get out of
    the rain and she was soaked. We both wound up standing beside
    each other under the bleachers.

    We started in conversation and I found we were both 14. I was
    surprised to meet someone this beautiful my age.

    We stayed in touch for quite a while and went out on a few
    dates. In all of my relationships, I have never found someone
    who wouldn't treat me like dirt or use me to get back at an old

    I swore to her that when the time came, we would run off
    together and get married. Of course, I don't know why we had to
    run off, her dad and mom absolutely adored me.

    Anyway, I gave her my senior ring as a promise.

    But little did I know things would turn around.

    We were drivin' home one night in my truck. We were headed home
    from a party where I know a lot of the guys had more than enough
    drinks. The road was slick from a recent thunderstorm that had
    just passed by. We were talkin' and I took my eyes off the road
    for just a brief second. All of a sudden, a car came out of
    nowhere. Their headlights just seemed to come right for us.

    All I remember after that was hearin' tires squeal, her scream,
    and the sound of glass breaking and metal twisting.

    The next thing I remember was sittin' in a funeral home with my
    family members and hers. I over heard something about a drunk
    driver hit us. And bein' in a funeral home, I thought the
    worst. Is she dead?

    I couldn't bear the thought of bein' without her. But she came
    walkin' through the doors just at that moment. I was so
    relieved! I ran up to hug her but she just seemed to walk right
    through me.

    I turned around and she headed for a back room. When she came
    out, her eyes were filled with tears.

    I blacked out, and when I came to, we were at a gravesite.
    I saw my girlfriend again. As I walked up to talk to her, she
    walked right by me.

    She headed toward the casket. I saw her take my senior ring off
    the necklace I got her for her birthday. She set the ring and
    the necklace into the casket. Then she started to cry again.

    Everything finally came clear to me, and I walked over to the
    box of pine, peered in. Sure enough, it was me, lyin' in that
    ol' pine box.


    This story goes out to those who have lost loved ones to the
    effects of drunk driving.
    Please, save a life. Don't drink and drive.

    ~Author Unknown~

    Submitted by Donald Lynn Kimbrell, age 16

  2. Well, that certainly gave me the shivers!
    Good story, Bro. Tom!

  3. wow

    That was chilling!!!
  4. As a former law enforcement officer and previous to that as an EMT, I have seen this type of story for real way too many times.

    'Social' drinking is someting that has become a crutch for weak willed persons to fall back to when problems come their way. It is also something that gets enhanced by peer pressure, the LACK OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and low self esteem that usually accompanies drinking. 53,000 + persons are killed each year on USA highways - 1/3 of which involve alcohol or street drug impairment. While parents have no control over what other children do, you may wish to consider this:

    Parents: KNOW who your children's friends are.
    Parents: TALK with your children and BE THEIR FRIEND.
    Parents: SET A POSITIVE EXAMPLE for your children.
    Parents: Supply your children with a loving family environment.
    Parents: TAKE WHATEVER TIME IS NECESSARY to help them to grow and to learn.
    Parents: It is YOUR responsibility to keep stories like the one posted above from happening!

  5. Good advice Pastor Gary.
    Drink driving = murder and suicide= a waste of the gift of life.

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