Lost earring found

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  1. Lost earring found

    I've just been elected as an office-bearer in my Toastmasters club, and on Saturday we went down to Melbourne (abour 150 kms) for a training day. It's winter here, and I was rugged up with several layers, but inside the building it was getting quite warm through the day, so I pulled off my top jumper (sweater). When I arrived home, I found that one of my "pretend diamond" stud earrings was missing. They aren't valuable, but a favourite pair nonetheless, and so I was quite disappointed. I figured that I had probably knocked it out when I pulled off my jumper, and since it was quite small I figured my chances of it being found were somewhere below zero.

    Over the years I have found that the Holy Spirit is really good at finding things that I misplace around the house. I only have to say "Lord, where did I put ..." and most of the time within minutes I will have my hand on whatever it was. This was a somewhat different situation, but in any case I prayed "Lord, I really like those earrings, and I would like it back, please." I must say, though, that the prayer was not backed by a lot of faith :)

    As I was getting into my car to go to church on Sunday afternoon, I caught a tiny flash almost buried in the dark green shag of my seat cover. It was the earring! Praise God! ... such a little thing, and so unimportant in the great scheme of things, but still important enough for God to answer a very unbelieving prayer!


  2. Praise God , Pastor Lynn . God is so precious in our lives and so interested in us that even the smallest item that we love , He finds for us . That is great . I too have had many misplaced items that He has found .

    God Bless.
  3. How lovely for you, Lynn! Thanks for sharing!


    - BM
  4. Reminds me of the lady in the parable who found the lost silver coin representative of one days wages .

  5. Congratulations on the election!

    The Lord has also showed me where I lost or misplaced things numberous times. I'm convinced He even brought things back to me that were lost far away and placed it where I'd find it, and I remembered this when you mentioned where you say the earring.

    He is good to bless us even in little ways like this that are special to us although it doesn't mean much to someone else.

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