losing religous freedoms

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  1. Yup.. I can see the nation clearly shifting in the direction of other developing nations.. I come from India.. It is a nation where majority religion is hinduism.. Now we have a party which is based on hindu roots and completely against Christians and Muslims.. Few days back I saw a news that cow slaughter (beef) is banned in one of the states.. It seems beef sales is banned in many states now in India.. It goes with hindu sentiments.. Cow is considered a holy animal for them.. Christians did not have any problem. But we had problem when the government passed another law.. Which was to ban religion conversion.. They can now arrest evangelists in the name of bribing or forcing someone to change religion.. They try to make it as difficult as possible for Christians.. The truth of the matter is, the nation is seeing a great revival in the midst of this persecution.. We all saw what happened in Egypt.. When Muslim Brotherhood came into power, the nation saw a revival and hand of God moved across the nation.. May be US needs a shake up. To bring about a revival..Though many claim great revivals in their crusades, the nation needs a genuine revival.. A true revival which would bring souls to kingdom of God..
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    For me the snowball started when Kent Hovind went to prison.
  3. It's a guarantee ... if not from the secular, from "christians"!
  4. We already know everything will come out good in the end. It is going to get much worse, before it gets better. We the Church are the only thing holding back total darkness from destroying this earth, which actually belongs to us.
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  5. Yep! We've read the last chapter ;)
  6. I was Googling Kent Hovind last night. The amount of mockery from the unsaved toward him, his son, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron is shocking.

    The revival I see taking place is among Christian denominations. We all rallying together in our hatred for what is evil & love for the unsaved. Despite disagreements on the rapture, creation and what not.
  7. hehe they might take it out of the general public BUT they can't take it out of me :)
  8. The book of Habakkuk seems to tell me something here what is happening at present day. It's a very short book but it is a BULLS EYE to what is happening.
  9. It was my understanding that he was convicted of about 4 dozen counts of tax evasion and lieing to the IRS.

    Not that I am a party pooper or anything like that, but should we be placing him above all others who do pay our taxes???
  10. There is so much controversy on it. At first I thought as you are ;).
  11. I may be wrong, but I think many "Christians" are already beginning to submit to secularism under the guise of tolerance, "charity," and "social justice."
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  12. I am wrong brother??? Please set me straight on this. I looked up several websites and did a "truth check" and all were truthful in saying he was convicted of tax fraud, and tax evasion and owed in the millions of dollars.
  13. Agreed. We have fallen into the humanistic thinking that........"That's not FAIR".
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  14. Amen!

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