Losing faith in the Church

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Blessed4JC, May 3, 2017.

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  1. Hi all,

    I hope your all well.

    Im losing my faith in the Church and have decided that if this church that I have been in for the past year does not work out I will no longer be seeking a church to worship in and continue growing my personal relationship with Christ and continue to pray that Almighty God sends on my path those he has ordained to support me to get to my destiny and purpose and visa versa.

    Im just really losing my faith in what we call church today and as a safe place to be accepted and for your gifts to be nurtured and grow and become who and what the Lord has called you to be. Im tired of leadership and the ungodly things going on which have nothing to do with the Love of God.

    I find more acceptance and Love from those that are not Christians and im just really tired of it all and have already said to the Lord that I wont no longer keep seeking a place where I fit in in the body of Christ,

    Lately it has been on my heart more and more.. Is Almighty God pleased with how His church is developing today? The way we worship Him, the way we show ourselves as His disciples, the way we Love one another and Love those that don’t know Christ. I have also been thinking more and more how I just don’t have time anymore to be sitting in a church, playing church and listening to false prophets, pastors talking about things they are not practicing and prophesying about God's people becoming rich when really God's people are hurting badly and the church is haemorrhage people just as fast as they get saved.. It’s just Crazy.

    The Lord told us He is going to take a remnant I don’t want the Lord to say to me depart I never knew you. That troubles me increasingly as I think about the things Im seeing in 'churches' today. There is a huge number of things just not right.
  2. Hi Blessed4JC,

    I know it can be disheartening to be in an environment that you feel does not support your needs, and has a lot of "junk" that they let in or concentrate on. But may I encourage you to keep seeking Him on where He wants you, and seek out Godly pastors through you tube or internet.

    God will make sure all your needs (spiritual, emotional, and physical) are met. We just have to keep trusting Him no matter what we see or experience.

    Maybe your at that church to just pray for the leadership, and for the things that go on there, so that God has a part of His body actually willing to intercede for those whom have no idea that what they are hearing is not the norm. Someone who is willing to pray for and speak His will and glory into a place that He desires to change.

    We are ambassadors for heaven, and we are His mouthpieces in the earth. So if we don't set forth and call for His Word to be done (in faithfilled prayer), then He will have to use someone else. Because His will is going to be done no matter what. It just may take more time, and if we are not obedient to His calling and leading and intercession then those whom are walking in a different light than we have will be affected.

    It's not always easy... I know first hand, but being submitted means more to Him than sacrifice.

    Blessings to you
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  3. Something you said in the other church thread... sparked a thought. It's not our job to complain about what is being done in a church. What the leadership is doing... it's our job to continually intercede for God's will to be done. To be that person totally relying on the Lord (Holy Spirit) to be pulling out of our pastors the truth of the Word. To be praying and interceding that God will continue to give them godly wisdom and revelation knowledge, and cause them to be more in tune with the Word and God's ways/Will.

    It's not about us, it's about allowing ourselves to be a willing vessel for His purposes. To allow ourselves to be used to usher in the Holy Spirit, and call for the glory to rest in wherever He has called us to.

    But just like the other lady (coffeedrinker).. if we are so concerned with what the leadership is doing, and thinking about what we think they should be doing, and how to act and run a service, or the lights... Then the devil has stopped your growth before the Word has even been preached. Because like in mark 4... the enemy has gotten us so concerned with worldly things (the cares of the world) that we have missed what we were supposed to receive. And we go away dissatisfied and complaining instead of encouraged and having been fed by the atmosphere of faith and worship from our brothers and sisters in Christ. Which is just what the enemy wants.
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  4. Your -You Decided - You're
    Sounds a bit one sided.

    How about letting God the Father tell you where to be and stay there?

    Your plan above is just that your plan.
    So again I ask you did the Father tell you to do this?

    We don't choose a church to meet or requirement or desires or what we think it should be.

    We go where we are sent and stay planted until He uproots us.
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  5. Be very cautious to who and what you call false. The only time Jesus spoke about blaspheme against the Holy Spirit was when things of God were being said were things of the devil.
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  6. Hi Cturtule,

    Thank you for your reply...Full of wisdom as usual.

    You are right the Lord has tasked me to pray for a least one of the up and coming leaders and I have done/doing so. So much has happened in a short space of time that the Lord has exposed me to and tasked me to intercede and things have resulted in one of the Elders getting involved but his way of dealing with things is very un-Biblical and making me now really question his own motives for trying to shield someone from going in the wrong direction.

    Im feeling a bit overwhelmed by how things seem to be playing out as if leadership is choosing to do things that don’t line up with the Word of Almighty God and almost dealing with me in a worldly way, what chance do I stand! I have done what the Lord has tasked me to do and I have/am asking the Lord to send someone more experienced that myself and to protect me, but if He doesn’t then I don’t know how I can effectively stay put and overlook the things the Lord is opening my eyes to.

    I would rather keep it moving, but certainly if the Father requires me to stay put then I will not disobey Him.
  7. Hi FCJ,

    Yes Im in the process but I dont think it hurts to share what my heart is feeling as through this may come the Lords response to me.

    I definitely do believe the Lord has ordered my steps to this Ministry, and almost immediately after starting this church someone has come on to my radar and the Lord has been speaking to me about this person and thus to pray for that person. I think it's a lot to do with what Cturtle has said in her first post. But my OPost I suppose is a rant because im feeling overwhelmed at how things appear to be unfolding. I don’t have anyone to talk to and share things with and all I want is to be in an environment where I can grow and worship Almighty God and be who and what He has called me to be. Problem is I actually do think what Im experiencing is training or really my first real assignment.
  8. I understand you FCJand will be careful. I spend a lot of time poring my heart out to Almighty God and asking Him to help me understand what Im seeing. These are the last days and the Lord tells us that even the elect will be fooled if possible - Matthew 24:23-25 .

    I think too many of us have been shut down and not using discernement to ask the Holy Spirit to really reveal what is going on here. I dont know but I think Almighty God is more concerned about the state of our Salvation that our bank accounts. Just a lot iv'e been seeing is troubling me and it's not just where I worship but other places to. There is no perfect church I do understand that.
  9. I just saw this Cturtle, I do understand what your saying, I dont go to church looking for flaws, my favourite terms lately has been 'Cant we all just get along' I love so much about the church and want so desperately to just be immersed in the fellowshipping and be on One Accord with everyone.

    I have recently joined a couple of ministry teams which has already opened the door to meeting different people in the church and in the last month or so the Lord has again opened my eyes to how He would have me pray for the senior leadership of the ministry.

    Im certainly not looking for holes, as I said in another one of my replies; I feel overwhelmed at what im experiencing and I suppose my instinct is saying I wont be bullied and also (I think you said this in the other thread to the OP) that the enemy is using this to block a blessing or something the Lord has for me.
  10. I am not sure if you are referring to mainstream prosperity churches or smaller churches where many leave because they feel other Christians are judgmental. If its the first, just find another church. There are some good prosperity churches. If its the second, then the problem is likely with you. Christians are to welcome rebuke and judgement (1 Cor 5 explains this perfectly). We shouldn't ever give up trying to find a church Heb 10:25.

    Finding more acceptance and love from those that are not Christians? I am sure you don't really mean that?

    Pastors are supposed to preach the word. Whether they practice all they teach is between them and God. If they fall on material issues as 1 Cor 5 explains, they must be removed, disciplined and take time out. Nobody is perfect except God.
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  11. Hi KingJ, thank you for your reply.

    I understand what your saying and have questioned myself on numerous occasions. I know there is no perfect Church and certainly all of us fall short of Almighty God's Glory. Im not pointing the finger nor trying to be judgemental. However, what I do recognise is that if I keep experiencing what I have been then it is having a negative impact on my faith in churches and my ability to fully be open and receptive. Hence my comment in my OP to forget attending a church and just focus on my walk with Christ; without the fellowshipping in a church setting.

    What I said regarding acceptance from people in the world is that their behaviour is much more Christ like than those of us who are part of the body of Christ and I will say this time and time again as it’s so very true. Maybe I am naive but If I consciously have to adorn my whole armour when I enter into the house of the Lord, then I really feel there is a problem. When in the world I am fully aware that I will come under attack by the way of the world and how people deal with one another, but to feel I have to be on my guard when I am heading into the house of God is Justin my humble opinion, not right

    The church in question is a large ministry but in different branches and I attend one of the smallest ones. I mentioned in the last post I think that I have now joined a ministries/teams so will meet different people. I also have the option and have today again been considering attending another one of the branches.
  12. I think you are just having a really bad experience with a particular church :).

    I attended a church once where the lead band members were so rude and un-Christian to any wanting to do a song item.

    If there are people like that in positions of power at church you have to leave. I am sure we can add severe back biting to 1 Cor 5:11 ''Do not even eat with such people''.

    If the rotten apples do not have positions of power, then it is easy to speak to the pastor and have him do a sermon dealing with the nonsense.

    Church is supposed to be holy, warm and loving. If its not, I doubt even God attends.
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    Sounds like the problem is this particular church. Agreeing that when we sense things amiss we wait to see if the Lord wants us to be part of helping to solve the problem or to actually move on. Moving on is sometimes the thing to do but also keeping in mind that we do need the Body of Christ and Church as such to worship God and meet each others needs. This is evident throughout the early church especially in Acts. Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater..

    It is easy to tell ourselves that we can do better without our many "flawed" Christians..that we don't need their community generally because they fall short of what we expect Christians to be. And so we consider that it would be better to isolate and find what good we can in a more secular setting.

    But I think it is risky business to forsake the "gathering"...or "Church" altogether.

    Hebrews 10:25 , NKJV ".. not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. "

    The enemy wants to isolate us and make us believe we can do better on our own when God wants us often to hang in there and work at seeking His Will on how to make a difference or else to seek better fellowship in another church although there isn't ever a perfect church because church is people and people, even Christian people, can sin and fall short of God's glory.

    However, consider carefully leaving "Church" and going it without because the older I get the more I know that ...

    Church (as the Body of Christ). is biblically in our spiritual DNA.

    blessings and prayers..
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  14. Hi Blessed4JC,

    I certainly understand your feeling overwhelmed about things. And as difficult as it can be to overlook those things that you have come to see, for your own sanity and worship experience, it would be advantageous to put all the thoughts into the Lord's most capable hands and allow Him to do the rest. He knows how to make His servants stand strong, and speak to their hearts. Your job other than continuing to thank God in faith for the desired outcome, has been done, unless He has more later.

    This would be the time for you to be like the apostle Paul, and forget what was behind and strive towards the future. And your also going to have to put taking your thoughts captive into practice, so that you may enjoy the corporate worship experience.

    Question.... what are you needing protection from?

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  15. When we walk in love, we don't even consider the thought of being bullied. The Bible says that we will be hated and such because He was. So I encourage you to allow the Lord to fight your battles with people as you stand upon His Word, that says no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgement shall fall, for this is the heritage of the saints of the Lord (Isaiah 54:17)

    Because our battles are not with flesh and blood but with principalities, and rulers of this world (Eph 6:12).

    God bless you sister! We will be praying for you!
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  16. KingJ sandpiper Cturtle

    Thank you all so very much for your words of encouragement and wisdom. I do recognise I need to continue seeking the Lords face in how I move forward. I know this shouldn’t get to me like it is but I do believe that is part of the process to growing my spiritual muscles.

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply.

    God Bless you all abundantly
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  17. You have received good advice from many people. May I say to you that the church has one and only one mission........
    Spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

    If that is not the focus of the church in question then it is your job to find a church which is doing just that.
    Big or small does not matter.
    Is what they are doing is focused on Jesus Christ then you are in the wrong place. It really is that simple.

    If you are feeling inadequate, or as you have said......losing faith in my church, remember this, it is not faith in a church that is the requirement of being a Christian.......it is faith in Christ!

    And I agree with you that forums like this is an excellent way to "vent" your feelings and frustrations.

    May I also say that the things you are "venting" just may be the Holy Spirit moving on you, and speaking to you to make a choice on being somewhere else. Just a thought.
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  18. Hello Major and thank you so much for contributing to this thread.

    Im pretty sure as the weeks go by that what I am experiencing the house Pastor doing has nothing to do with the Love of Christ and I also know im not over-reacting, but exercising what the Bible tells us to do and testing the spirit. Each time this man is on the pulpit he is preaching in a condemning way about something that was shared with another member who works alongside him. I know the person shared this information with him and that’s ok as it was given to the person, however the pastors method in managing this matter is so unbiblical, as clearly the Pastor is not in agreement with what was shared thus he is sending a clear message that don’t you dare come again and try and address this person. We can fool one another, but we certainly cannot fool Almighty God,

    Im asking the Lord that if the Pastor is in disagreement would he not try to ascertain both sides of the story as to why things led up to this? Why would he simply take one side of the story and behave as though the things shared were said to him? Very strange.

    Im seriously considering fellowshipping in one of the other branches and think I will start from this Sunday.
  19. My faith is not in the church but the One who empowers me to Love the church. :) It is a simple matter of praying and letting God decide which of these imperfect places He wishes my imperfect vessel to adorn...
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  20. Hi Boanerges thank you for responding.

    I’m not sure if my posts suggest my faith is in the people/ Church building and not Almighty God, but just in case; My Faith is wholeheartedly in Almighty God and my desire to be planted, rooted and grounded in the ministry He has sent me to.

    I think it’s important for those more mature in the Faith to remember times in your walk when perhaps you may have encountered things within the body that made you question and seek wise counsel.

    Let’s not pretend that all things going on in Churches today are of the LORD and encouraging and this is what this post is about. There are many churches that have much to answer for in leading the flock astray, I’m asking questions as I pray I’m not one of them.
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