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  1. Lord you are my All
    You are my Strength​
    You are my Joy​
    You are my Love​
    There is nothing that I can do without You​
    You are my Healer​
    You are my Companion​
    You are my Beginning​
    Lord without you I'm Nothing​
    You are my Guide​
    You are my Light​
    You are my Savior​
    Lord you are so Faithful to me​
    You are my Support​
    You are my Everything​
    You are my lord​
    Lord only you are my Life​
    You are my Peace​
    You are my Hope​
    You are my Shepherd​
    Lord you are most Worthy of Praise​
    You are my God​
    You are my Jesus​
    You are my Holy Spirit​
    Lord you are all these to me.​

    written by ramon 12/12/2010​
  2. Just to let you know why I wrote this poem, it was that for the first time I had Bronchitis, my doc said hostipal I said no my God will heal me, I had it for 14 days no better, then I felt to write the poem in 2 days I was healed, all praise goes to our Lord for his promise to heal us when we humble ourselves to HIM.

    God loves all

    Ramon :)

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