Lord, Today I am thankful for....

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  1. Good morning Father,
    I am thankful for your promises to never leave us nor forsake us. You know I am going through some things right now but I know you are with me. I am thankful for all that you have bought me through, delivered me from and the healing.

    We've had some cold nights here and I thank you for sheltering our homeless people and feeding them. I thank you for the blind that can see, the hungry that you feed, the deaf that can hear. I thank you for the birds and the air we breath.

    Father, I thank you for all my brothers and sisters in Christ and I continue to lift up the lost for salvation. I thank you for the broken hearted that is being healed. I thank you for the abused that has been delivered. I thank You that although we cannot see You, we know You are there. Your presence is ever present.

    I thank You for this day as this is the day that lost souls will be saved. I thank You for those who has spoken your words of truth to them. I thank You because when the words of truth was spoken to them, You opened their ears, you opened their hearts to receive you as their Lord and Savior.

    But most of all, I thank You for Your Son Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for our sins making it possible that we can even come to You through Jesus. I thank You for all that You do and don't do for this is for our good. In Jesus name I pray....AMEN!!!
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  2. Great message,

    More often that not I find myself being thankful for the hardships that God saw me through. It's important to realize there are other people who struggle as well. So, we should be obliged for everything that comes your way, and show empathy to others when possible.
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  3. Amen He is thee most awesome and loving faithful to His word Heavenly Father and our creator and God !!
    This is what I am thankful for today and everyday.
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  4. Today, I am thankful for His mercy and His grace.

    I am so conscious that I am indeed a sinner, saved by grace.
    That in me, that is in my flesh, there is no good thing.

    Yet He has declared me 'righteous', holy and without blame before Him, because of the sacrifice of Christ Jesus my Lord, Who died and rose again, that I may live.

    Though I know that I have the hope of resurrection life, in Christ, that though I die, yet shall I live, yet I have no conception of what resurrection life will be like, except that I, along with all who have been saved by God's grace, will be in His presence, where there is fulness of joy, and that I will receive of His kindness for evermore.

    Praise His Name!

    A Christian song writer and singer, Evie, sang, 'if heaven, never, was promised me, it's been worth just having the Lord in my life, living in a world of darkness, He brought me the light.' That's how I feel.

    In the love of Christ
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  5. I am so conscious that I am indeed a sinner, saved by grace.

    Hi Chris,
    To remain with a sin consciousness is hazardous to your spiritual growth.
    We are either a sinner in need of saving.
    We are saved and created a new. We can't be a sinner and saved at the same time.

  6. Hi FCJ

    Your response makes the likelihood of my ever sharing on this level again, very unlikely.

    I have no doubt that I have been saved to the uttermost, and that I stand before God Holy and without blame because of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on my behalf, but for me to say that I am without sin would be a lie, and in that I am in good company (1 John 1:8)

    In Christ Jesus
  7. Hello Chris,
    If you noticed I had liked your post and that should have shown I was not attacking. :)

    I also said nothing about saying we do not ever sin.

    I was speaking more in tune with Proverbs 23:7
    For as he thinks in his heart, so is he .

    The devil is the one who brings awareness to sins, especially those already dealt with.

    If we constantly see our selves as a poor old sinner saved by grace then what does that say to what Jesus has done for us. We are to be victorious in Christ.

    Did not mean to upset you nor stray from the op.

  8. Hi FCJ,

    Forgive me for being ultra sensitive in my response. I actually agree with what you say wholeheartedly. Don't let my reaction prevent you from responding to me, for I do value your input.

    Thank you.
    In Christ Jesus
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  9. Thank you Chris,
    I felt horrible thinking I upset you.
    Have a great weekend
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  10. Hi Jim,

    I am sorry to have caused you any anxiety.

    Thank you for your loving response.

    In Christ Jesus
    Our. risen and glorified,
    Saviour, Lord and Head.

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