Lord, before I start my day....

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  1. Lord, before I start my day....

    Before we start our day whether you are going out or staying home, we must put on the "Armor of God."

    Say this prayer everyday before you start your day

    Lord, today before I get up; I am putting on the "Full Armor of God."


    • Lord, I put on the "Belt of Truth." Help me to speak and think sincere things today.
    • Father, I put on the "Breast-plate of Righteousness." Protect my heart today Lord against the fiery darts of Satan.
    • Today, I put on the "Shoes of Peace." Direct where I walk today Lord. Don't let me go where you don't want me to go.
    • I put on the "Shield of Faith." Protect me from the fiery darts of Satan with the shield Lord and let them amount to nothing.
    • I put on the "Helmet of Salvation." Lord, protect my thinking today.
    • Finally, the "Sword of the Spirit." Your word to help me use it as my defense and Your praise.
    In Jesus name I pray....AMEN
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  2. Thank you Jesus for reminding me to put on the Full Armor of God this morning.
  3. Father

    Thank you for godbe4me reminding us all to put on your Armor, Father may you help each and everyone of us, to put on the light of salvation each and every day. That we may be wrapped in your protection and love
    Place your Words in our hearts and on our lips. That the devil may flee. Thank you Father in all you do for your children In Jesus name amen


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  4. AMEN....Thank you sister.
  5. Thank you Jesus, I had a wonderful day. All because I put the Armor on first. In Jesus name I pray....AMEN
  6. Thank you for this Sis. I'm going to read it every morning.

    Blessings, Cheri
  7. Thank you Jesus for reminding me to put on the "Armor" this morning.

  8. Thank You Jesus for reminding me today.

    In Jesus name...AMEN
  9. Yes, thank you Lord.

    It's so important to put on this armor every day.

    Blessings, Cheri
  10. In Jesus name I pray...AMEN
  11. Thank you Jesus
  12. Thank you Jesus for this reminder today.
  13. Thank You Jesus for the Armor
  14. Thank You Jesus for the "Armor" I had a lot to do today and I was at ease and secure in you in all that I had to do.

    Thank You and I love You Jesus,

  15. That is a great way to pray in the morning!, Especially for us that have not been christians a very long time, sometimes it is hard to know what to say and how to pray! thank u sis~:)
  16. I thank You Jesus for the "Armor" today. I found my patience being challenged then I remember what I was wearing, "The Armor Of God."

    Thank You Jesus, I love You so much.

  17. Lord, I am not feeling well today, but I know that you are in control. I thank you for the Armor. Although I am not feeling my best, I am still protected.

    Thank You so much Father, I love you,

  18. Father,

    Thank You for teaching me how to walk away. Thank You for the Armor. Thank You for controlling my patience.
  19. Thank You Jesus because I am dressed in the Armor and everyting not of You will bounce right off of me. In Jesus name I pray....AMEN
  20. Thank you, I am saving this to look at daily.

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