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  1. My oldest son is persueing a girl 19 yrs younger than him. I feel this is very wrong, she is 18 he is going on 37. I don't know if this is what they call a "mid life crisis" or he lost his mind. He is so different than he has ever been, I feel as though satan has got a strong hold on him. he has also left his wife of 3 yrs and filed for divorce, and he has a beautiful little boy 18mos. I am so upset. I pray all day and night and I know I need to give it to God and leave it there, but I can not get it out of my mind. It is actually making me I'll. He asked me " where in the bible does god say u can't love someone 19 yrs younger". All I know is that He says don't be unequally yoked! And of course doesn't agree with divorce . Please help!
  2. Pray...pray again...fast...pray...pray again.

    Is your family a 'Christian' family? What i mean is have you and your children been 'saved' and made a public declaration of faith? Perhaps your son doesn't need prayer for His relationship with his wife-but prayer for his relationship with Jesus Christ. If your son is right with the LORD-he will get right with his wife....

    Pray that the Lord will turn his heart away from wickedness and find truth in our Savior.

  3. Thank u bro mike, yes he is saved, has made a public declaration of faith.

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