Looking forward to some good debate

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Vincent, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Looking forward to some good debate

    Hello all. Totally new here. I haven't even lurked yet. I used to post on another forum where my interpretation of scripture was not welcome, so I searched for a place where debate is encouraged. I hope this is that place.

    I am 39 years old now and I have been a Christian most of my life, although I didn't get serious about Bible study until early 2009. Since then I have been completely focused on God's word and it consumes all my spare time.

    I have recently come to a shocking conclusion about end times prophecy and not only is the truth shocking, but the fact that nobody (in my circles) noticed this before and I have never heard anybody interpret things this way before is most shocking of all simply because it seems so clear to me.

    Anyway, I will undoubtedly start a thread on all this sometime soon, but right now my wife says I have to clean the windows. sigh. Fall is almost here. Let the house chores begin.
  2. Hm, try me . but i'm more into discussion .

    Welcome CFS Vincent :)

  3. Welcome Vincent.

    We do have all kinds of discussions, but one thing that is different on this site is we don't debate here.

    God bless.
  4. Hi Vincent .... Welcome to the forum .

    We encourage discussion but when things turn to debating , I am sorry this is not a forum for such . There are many forums that do that so we are just letting you know in advance. Thanks and God Bless .
  5. No debating? You mean you're not allowed to tell someone you disagree and tell them why you disagree?
  6. What's the difference between discussing and debating?
  7. I may give my views, you may give yours. But when people begin arguing because they are continually trying to change the other persons mind, it just causes division.

    Dusty can explain better, since she is a Mod
  8. Vincent , Due to the number of different denoninations we have as our membership we discourage debating or arguing as for one thing it never solves anything and also it is not edifying to the Body of Believers because of the multi- cultural backgrounds and cultural beliefs on this forum . Please read our mission statement :

    The Christian Forum Site exists to build and empower Christians. This will be accomplished by:

    1. Providing a friendly atmosphere for believers to discuss Biblical, theological and social issues in a rational manner.
    2. Promoting and supporting mutual spiritual growth and biblical learning among forum Members.
    3. Providing a place of fellowship and prayer for believers and non-believers.
    4. Most importantly, Glorifying our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    You may tell the person that you agree to disagree and move on to another thread. That is our policy and like I said if you wish to debate there are so many others forums on line to do so . Thank you for your attention in this matter. This is a well monitored forum and we wish to keep it so .

    God Bless and you are most welcome to start threads and discussions.
  9. Hi Vincent welcome to CFS

    Im glad you decided to join us because i believe everything in God's world is/has to be based on the scripture. Looking forward to hearing more about your discussion :)

    God Bless
  10. i think discussing is sharing ideas .

    and debating is forcing your ideas down the others' throats .
  11. I wouldn't word it quite as strongly as Michael but, yes, debate implies a contest in which one viewpoint "wins." Discussion implies the interchange of ideas. In a discussion, one or both parties may change their views on the basis of what they learn from the other, or they may become even more convinced of their own views as they study and clarify their views in the discussion. Some may debate the definition of debate, but I think that this distinction is the one we are working with, here.
  12. o.k. What I'm hearing is that our discussions/debates must remain civilized and humble. That way we all benefit. Personally I see "debate" as being exactly that, but I understand that for some people that word has negative connotations.
  13. Thank you Vincent for your understanding and adhering to CFS rules. God Bless .

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