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  1. I have had a tumultuous year and a half. I began dating a girl, a med school classmate, soon after she ended a long term relationship. For about 10 months things were mostly good with moments interspersed where the bad timing resulted in us ending things for a few days or a week. We always got back together. We had a very deep emotional connection often discussing all sorts of topics most notably religion. She is a very devout Christian. It was something I admired and ultimately realized I wanted as I had spent years denying the void I felt in my relationship with The Lord. She eventually said I love you but soon after broke up with me and started dating someone else. For the next 4 months we would periodically have deep conversations about her depression, about us and about our relationship. After breaking up she said she wanted space but would get frustrated if I didn't respond to texts or want to be friends. Eventually I decided to give friends a shot and after a week she decided it wasn't what she wanted and we stopped speaking for 3 weeks. She stopped me one day and said she loved me, had ended her relationship and wantend to be together. This was Easter Sunday. She talked about how she knew I was the guy for her that she wanted to do it for real with me. The next day she freaked out and said she still wanted all those things but needed time to figure things out. I agreed. But when I started seein someone else she went back to he other guy. When I asked her about it she said she meant all the things she had said to me that she was praying for r god to give her a peace of mind about commitment to me but when I found out that she was saying this to me but still dating the other guy we decided to go our separate ways. For the last two months we hadn't spoken until recently and I've decided to try starting friends fresh. She is still with the other guy. I am lost on seeing gods plan for me. I know his plan is perfect and his time is perfect but I love her and hope for a real chance with us but fear I am getting in the way of Gods plan for me. My instincts tell me her feelings were real but that fear and doubt won't let her explore those feelings with me. How do I let go? I pray everyday for healing. I've grown so much closer to god in this process and trust everything in him but fear I'm holding on to something he doesn't have planned.
  2. You have to focus on Jesus. He's the great Physician and He'll help mend your heart.
  3. Med1215, I had those feeling toward to my ex-girlfriend, my first girlfriend when I just turned twenty-one years old. We've been together for two and half years, and we both have a beautiful daughter. At those moment, I totally thought she was the "one" for my life. After long, things weren't working out because of her. I mean, we were in engagement, and she kept asking me when we are going to get marry. I told her I will surprised her someday when the Lord tell me when time is right. Suddenly, she was hiding lot of things from me, but I found out what was going on that her behavior was acting little strangely secret. Apparently, what that was is that she had been talking to some guys. I asked her nicely, what was going on? There was lot of lying on her face. However, I never started argument, but her started it for no reason. That showed me that she is wanting to leave me or have a break. She don't think it straight and do it right for our life. I prayed and prayed to the Lord to ask Him to heal the problem. It didn't go well. She dumped me for another guy and she got married after she dated him for six months. Isn't that crazy? It the Lord who did work this way for a good reason. His reason is always for a good reason for my daughter and my life. I was so stress, frustrated, angry, upset, and jealousy from that situation because I did truly love her forever. This is exactly what she wanted me to feel... is hurt. On that day when we broke up, she said this, "I never loved you."
    So, all those reason is because of her two face liar, and she'd been using me since we first dated. She will get her payback to have her life go bad, and guess what. She is already having trouble marriage with her other guy. That's what she get for is to have bad life, and I hope she never will have good life until she learn to start praying the Lord to save her. After six months later since we broke up, I finally picked up the bible and start reading, and I felt so much better without her in weirdly way, but my love to my daughter is the most important to have and it is amazing that God brought up to this for my life.
    My point is that God has a reason to let this problem happen for a good reason for everyone. God was showing me that my ex is not for me, but daughter is. So He continually showing me where He is wanting me to go. All the important is to be patient. He is here in my heart and your heart. We shall worship His name because He is worthy to us.
    About your relationship partner, it seem that she is not interesting in you and perhaps, maybe she's using you? My question is why she turning you away for other guy? Why she came back for you then happened again? Or can it be that she just jumping to each guys to see who is best for her? That sure is wrong direction for her to choose that way. BUT, I could be wrong. I just don't know her personality and history. You just have to found out and see the truth about her. It's a challenging, but Lord will take care of it and show you the sign! Be Strong, Med1215. He is with you, always.

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