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Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by Jan Davis, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. I want a church with fellowship opps and one that has fun stuff. My husband is so so and my teen isn't going to church at all. Any tips that you can share that helped you find the church you go to?
  2. The true Church is 'ALIVE' as our Lord is alive on the right hand of the father.

    A stagnant church is not Godly. We are called to GO; to WORK, to minister, teach, preach, edify.....in love.

    Does every church in the Church do all these things at all times? No, but they should be bearing fruit-not rotting on the vine.

    Look for the fruits of the Spirit....

    Fill in the gaps at your church when they need filling. If the members want to be stagnant...then are they really in the Church?

    I would start by looking at the churches constitution or statement of faith.

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  3. Christ and the Church. The Head of the Church main focus for us is the Church, and it ought to be first.

    Now asking about what church to go to................. Asking the Lord, He normally can't answer this as you will be responsible for knowing. Normally the answer involves moving and the Lord don't mind how far.

    If your not in a place to fully Go and obey when told, then don't be led by numbers, or doctrines. Be led by the Spirit and ask the Lord which one (close by) would be the best.

    We are not to be naturally led, money led (Which is why most won't obey to go where the Lord would like) Doctrine led. We are to be Spirit led always.

    How do you do that?

    Follow the peace in your heart, always.
  4. My friend attends a church which meets on Sunday... at night! Which sounded cool and fun to me. Maybe you could find a similar one?
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  5. It took me a very long time to find a right church. I say "right church" rather than good church because people say "you'll never find the perfect church and once you join it it wont be perfect anymore". While this cliche has a grain of truth it is usually used as an excuse for bad behaviour.

    However there are right churches, where the people in it are seeking Jesus and not position, but it took me 10 years to find one.
  6. Hello Jan, I hope you don't mind me posting this evening as I'm quite new here to CFS so I'll share some advice as briefly as I can. A simple way to judge what assembly to join would be to follow Christ's advice in the word of - 'you'll know them by their fruits'. Jesus said that there would be some that would come to him in that day and say Lord we prophecy in your name and we cast out devils in your name and the Lord said, depart from me I never knew you. You could begin to attend a few and if they are indeed a fruitful Christian group then the Lord will bear witness with your spirit as to which to attend.

    My advice would be to attended a few assemblies and see what they have to offer your particular family ie youth, kids church etc as not all might be practically suitable far less spiritually but if you go forward looking at their fruits of the spirit then you won't go far wrong sis'. God bless you.....
  7. I haven't been to church consistently in many years. That being said, I used to church hop. Every couple of Sundays, I would start going to another church altogether, even if I liked the one that I'd been going to. There was a time when I would randomly choose a church each Sunday. I found that it was a wonderful way to expose myself to different Christian communities. I highly recommend the experience!
  8. My husband doesn't really care about church too much. I want to get involved but he doesn't. On top of that, our teen doesn't want anything to do with church either. There is a church I'm thinking about going back to and my husband says he doesn't care....Should I go anyways? There would be chance to really fellowship and get to know people, I don't have that much now if at all.
  9. Hi Jan. I think it be a great idea to follow what you believe in going back to church. I believe it would be just what you need. It doesn't matter so much if your husband and child don't seem interested right now. It's good that you've included them obviously in telling them your thoughts and desires. But i think this is something you need to do for yourself anyway with or without them. If you find fulfillment in the church and great fellowship it will have a great impact and before long your husband and child may even show interest. And if you are happier it's going to rub off on them too. I feel excited for you and hope all goes well. I say this as i go my church 4 times a week and it is great for me. I'd be lost without it.
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  10. thanks for the encouragement Sal. I like the church we've been going to, the modern praise and worship, teaching. But it is so big it's hard to make connections although I know a few people.
  11. Is there any groups in the church you could join?
  13. Well he went with me today, and although we know a few folks there, he was "okay" with it but he prefers the other church where we hardly know anyone. ((sigh))). I just want to get plugged in! Should I go to this other church w/o him?
  14. M
    Maybe you could give it a try. You may find a preference for one or the other. Let God guide you.
  15. Yeah I can do that, may even give #1 Thu night and go to #2 on Sunday and see how it goes
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