Long Time No See :)

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  1. Im just popping in to say I passed my ged :)) I passed the very last test which was math 10/11 and its all thanks to God. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I don't have a computer so Ill just popping in on what ever computer I can use lol. right now I'm on a computer at my brother's school. Also, my aunt is starting a church of her own and me and my brother and my cousins are helping out there.. well actually more than helping, Sunday my aunt allowed my brother to preach as well as my cousin's cousin lol and she as well as everyone else that he peached with a lot of authority and power.Im just so excited, things are going really well for me.. and I just hope you uys are doing great as well.
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  2. Hi Pancakes :). Thought you moved on and became to good for us.

  3. So very good to see you Pancakes!! Woo hoo. That is good news all around :D
    Dear Jesus , ty for empowering Pancakes to do these things. I am proud of her and I know YOU are too. Hallelujah !
    Thanks for keeping us updated. We miss ya girl :(:p Keep up the XLT work.

    Uncle Chili out.
  4. Lol king J , heck no.. I love this place..and now that were at another apt. that has a business center I'll be able to check in more frequently :)
  5. Oh and thants chilli :) its nice seeing you guys are all right.
  6. Hi Pancakes.

    Only saw this now. Well done!

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