Logos Bible software 3 vs. Biblesoft PC Study Bible

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  1. Logos Bible software 3 vs. Biblesoft PC Study Bible

    Hello all:

    I've been reading up on both of these programs for about a week now and I've researched several Bible software programs and have drawn the conclusion that these are the top two on the market atm. However I'm having a hard time deciding on which to purchase. I've viewed the demos for both and both seem user friendly and both seem expandable.

    I'm currently a religion major who plans on pursuing his MDiv degree and then going onto seminary school and the Lord willing being a Chaplain or in the ministry somewhere.

    So my question is of the two programs above which would serve me best in the long haul, i.e. what is your experience with each of the above programs and which would you recommend. And if you could give a reason why you chose one or the other.

    I appreciate all your help and insight as I want to use what God has blessed me with funds wise to greater glorify His Kingdom.

    God Bless,

  2. e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge

    that is a pretty good (and consequently free) bible software. it comes with references to original text and everything. i am pretty sure it can switch between bible version right now, but right now i have a version that only has nkjv. i will eventually figure out how to change that (assuming there is a way).
  3. I've got an older version of Logos but I don't use it anymore, I just use
    e-sword, it's got everything I ever wanted, and more. I suggest you try it for a while, if you have money to invest there's commentarys and such for e-sword that sometimes need to be paid for.
  4. Ruperik you have to download there other free translations, there are so many:) than you install them and change the translations at the top on a task bar:) you can even see 4 different translations at the same time wich is awesome:)
  5. Thanks guys...I did find e-sword in my searches and I'll likely download it and at least try it however I don't feel, from what I've read and seen is everything I'm looking for. I don't mind making an investment which is what I feel bible software really is for a number of reasons.

    I appreciate the input thus far...

    Anyone else have any experience with either of the two programs I listed in my original post?

    Thanks again and God Bless!

    In His service always,


  6. Logos ...it wins hands down:)

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