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  1. I am interested in finding a book on the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, Speaking in Tongues, etc.
    I found this book Living Water by Chuck Smith. I was thinking of buying this book.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on books about understanding the HS better, speaking in tongues, etc?
    I want to be very careful as to not get into the wrong teachings, etc. This subject can be tricky with some authors / some perspectives. I really want what I read to line up with the Word of God.

    Please let me know if you have any good suggestions on learning more about the Spirit of God.
  2. Kenneth Hagin has some great books on the Holy Spirit and all your looking for.
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  3. I already bought one of the books you sent me in that selection in that Cloud link. I think it's a kenneth Hagin book on the HS. I am still reading this book, but I also want a study guide. Does he have something like that?
  4. I believe I have seen one on cbd
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  5. I just found one on Amazon. I will try this one. Looks Good.
    thanks for the help. I think I need to wait a bit, though. I am reading 3 books right now and they are deeper thinking books.
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  6. I always forget about that site you mentioned. I did just find a new book I want to now buy. I will go broke soon. I love buying books.
    I do not have enough time to read everything. So many good things to learn..... Thanks for reminding me about this site. I always forget about it.
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  7. You are so welcome!
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  8. Do you believe Philippians 4:19 and 1 Timothy 6:17 are True?

    We do and have a library full of "Free" or "Supplied" books, cd's and Dvd's that we so Richly Enjoy.

    Think about it!
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  9. Yes and Yes. Where is this free library?
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  10. On your knees in your prayer closet. (y)
    In His Most Holy Written Word. (y)
    Manifested through your Faith in God's Word. (y)

    Another Avenue found in Luke 6:38(y)

    Scripture says, my sheep hear My Voice and follow it. So be a smart sheep and follow your Shepherd.

    I am a giver and my Shepherd leeds me to be in the right place at the right time for men to give unto me abundantly. (y)

    Not to mention we are partners with several ministries and they give us free stuff all the time. :D

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  11. hahahah
    I do read my bible... I am still trying to master the art of "Listening". I keep hearing a word in church. It's weird. It has happened 2 sunday's in a row. Not sure what it means. I keep asking HIM to show me what it means..... Listening is not always easy. But I have been praying more in the spirit. I am always happy, which is great considering my past. I guess I need to bend my rickety ole knees... lol
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