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  1. What is a "minor rite" of exorcism? That's not biblical. Dealing with the demonic is not entertainment! Nor are they handled through religious rituals.
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  2. I'm praying that Jesus comes in and takes the whole show to get the glory that rightfully belongs to Him, Holy Spirit come, in power and beautiful glory for Jesus name. I watched the preview, thanks for sharing
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  3. The problem here is it Also can work for the enemy as well. This type of show just like all those real time ghost hunter shows - simply intriguethe flesh and un-saved and well sad to say many born again spirit filled beleivers as well.

    Another big problem with this is - people do not understand that even though this stuff is on TV - does not make it safe or as a protective wall between you and what ever. No not at all. The enemy can and does work through tv just as an Anoinnted man of God can.

    People play - satan is serious. Another words people think well i did not really mean it or I am just playing around here and I am not all sreious about this.....Too Bad for the satan is serious and Seriously takes every opertunity he can get to the hilt.

    Even if those who are doing this are sincere - it is Not being done in a manner that should be done. Go figure - another halloween tv attempt to bring confusion into man.

    God Bless
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  4. “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)

    Really, wasn't this inevitable?

    Look to the types of programming being pumped into American TV viewers psyche on a regular basis today.

    Do we see a theme underlying all the programming that's on TV now. A common thread meant to pass as entertainment?
    Look at the societal real life screens play what we see on the news, or read online or in a newspaper as mirroring fiction.
    We act as we're led to behave. The visceral stimuli when the audio visual centers that feed the subconscious and forever affect our psyche and perceptions and emotional impressions, create us in one more degree to participate in this world. And our little part of it.
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  5. This is not that bad. Demons are a very real proplem for many households. They need to see that only Jesus can help with it.

    As long as their is no child involved. I don't believe God gives power to the devil to ever harm or take a kids life as was done with Emily Rose.
  6. What world are you living in? The devil kills children all the time.
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  7. Satan doesn't care who's involved, it's one big chess game to him.
    Its not showbiz, demons are something you don't play with.
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  8. I was surfing channels last week and happened on the Oprah network . She was interviewing Beyonce. And Beyonce was promoting her new movie documentary about her career.

    Here's this woman who's a mother and wife telling Oprah that she's banished the demon, Sasha Fierce, that comes into her when she performs.

    And Oprah's sitting there cool with that. Like it's no big thing to say this.
    Now, Beyonce' didn't call Sasha a demon. But that's what it is. And she does acknowledge that she was possessed during performances.
    There's a video on You Tube wherein she gives an interview and talks about the first time Sasha made that entrance.
    Sasha enters and Beyonce' moves out of her own body and sits 'over there' and watches the performance.

    And in another of those YT video interviews, not that long before this latest I mentioned about banishing Sasha, Beyonce' is talking to Oprah again. There in that earlier interview she's saying she's integrated Sasha.

    Demons don't exist?

    Someone who details how they've been inhabited with one may know something different. .
  9. The world where God has demons in their place. Humans kill children.
  10. I think Oprah / most see it as a second persona of hers for stage performances. Not literally a demon named Sasha. Did she literally say she banished the 'demon' Sasha?
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    Check out the You Tube Video: Beyoncé Knowles: "The first time I felt something else come into me!"

    The live concert video on YouTube entitled: Beyoncé - Sasha Fierce VS Beyoncé (Live)
    Is pretty revealing in my opinion.

    All I know is what she's admitted herself. Before she apparently received a lot of feedback that led her in a video I saw looking for those two titles above an interview with Oprah, again, where she said she invented the persona.
    If she invented the persona why would she say she banished Sasha? In an interview with Oprah. If someone creates a persona on stage they don't need to banish it. They just need to stop going into that actors character that they invented on stage. Beyonce being an actor she'd know how to assume a character and pull it off. But banishing? That's specific language that she knows means something more than just stopping her role as Sasha.

    No she didn't. She was very clear about being entered by a spirit while on stage. And this long before she said that to Oprah. Possibly because openly talking about being a vessel for a demon that wants to perform isn't a good idea. Even when one is very rich.

    And she did have the album, "I am Sasha Fierce".

    ETA: Can I post videos? Making it easier to find what I am talking about here.
  12. It is interesting. Very suspect.
  13. I wonder what the general consensus here on CFS is with regards to this.

    Do you believe Emily Rose was killed by the demon or by not being in hospital / priests negligence?

    Are there any other examples of devil / demons killing children?
  14. There was a blind recording made, i.e. no video to accompany it, when Anneliese Michel(Emily Rose) was undergoing her exorcism. Fascinating stuff. Not like the fake recording of screams from Hell that circulated for a long time and still does.

    When God is a spirit can't his adversary be one too? When the Holy Spirit can enter into the believer who is receptive to the spirit, how could the spirit of Satan, evil, not do so to those who are receptive as well?
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  16. I've been studying demonology and exorcism for about 30 years.
    Demons can and do kill children.
    Demons can possess anyone who allows them to get a foothold in their life, the process is not quick, but they tend to be persistent.
    The only way to remove demons from a possessed person is through an exorcism.
    A "minor rite" exorcism usually involves only one priest, an assistant, and the possessed person, and is usually performed in the possessed persons home.
    They use the Roman Rite of Exorcism, usually only a few sessions provide deliverance.
    A "major rite" exorcism is called for when major devils are involved or in those instances where the demons involved are particularly violent.
    This can involve several priests, a number of assistants, the possessed person and medical staff to handle any injuries that may occur.
    These are usually performed in a Church related hospital.
    Normally none of this is filmed and any information is kept private (mainly to avoid the idiots and sensationalism that often follows).
    For the most part only Catholics, Orthodox, and Lutherans perform exorcisms.
    A inquest is ALWAYS performed before the exorcism to determine if a demon is really involved (versus insanity).
    People who have not been formally trained in exorcism should not attempt to perform one, the demons have no issues with murdering idiots and the foolhardy.
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  17. Interesting stuff Glo. I can't swallow this pill though.

    I had a debate a while back on another forum about Emily Rose. There is a very strong case for her death being due to the negligence of those looking after her even though she was possessed.
  18. That is very likely. As the old saw goes, never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. There was a story in the news a few months ago or a poor fellow (teenager) who was beaten to death by family members attempting to "exorcise his demons". I have not seen any "official" documentation about the Emily Rose case, so I can't judge anything about it. One factor that tends to help Satan in his work is that ineptitude and sensationalism tend to go hand in hand with demonic manifestations, whether real or imagined.
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    Not true. The devil knows how to capture children's minds, especially those in Christian homes where parents are not vigilant, spiritually. He also works through evil people to sexually abuse, abduct and murder children. This onslaught against our children is upon us. Only the spiritually blind cannot see this is demonic.
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