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Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Mr. Black, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. So uhhh, what's with the "Fusion" thingamabob that keeps popping up on almost every page of this website the past few days? It keeps asking me if I want to chat.
  2. Really? It shouldn't pop up. It's set to stick to the left side of every page. I added this tool so our visitors can easily contact us regarding the forums or about to ask general questions. Since I installed I have received four messages from non-Christians asking for more info. Is it inconvenient for you or anyone here?
  3. I haven't even noticed it and had to hunt for it right now. It doesn't pop up. No problem here. Maybe because I have pop up stoppers on my browsers?
  4. Keep the chat Jeff. Some peeps like a real time answer rather than a delayed post
  5. I think it gives you a great opportunity to answer a potential non-believer's or a new-believer's questions.
  6. I noticed it, Like it and for me has never popped up without clicking on it :)
  7. Yeah, it automatically pops up for me quite a bit. It gets a tad annoying when I'm searching through the forums and am going from page-to-page a lot. My pop-up blocker is on, too, so I'm not sure why it keeps popping up for me.

    I agree with Chili though. I think you should keep the chat for the reasons he cited. It would also be cool if a chat option was made availible between forum members so that they could chat with each other *hint, hint* ;).

    Just outta curiosity though, when is the livechat online? Everytime I scroll over it it always says that livechat is "away" or "offline"......*shrug*
  8. I agree! I would love to chat one on one with people on here!
  9. I am sorry I didn't realise it pops up again and again on some computers. There must be away to turn the pop up feature off and leave the side button. I'll see what i can do.
  10. Ok, thanks. :)
  11. I think I was able to fix this issue. Let me know if it pops up again.
  12. Yeah! It doesn't pop up any longer. All's good the tha hood.
    Thanks, bud.
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