Live chat with staff coming soon

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  1. Live chat with staff coming soon

    I've purchased a live chat software for CFS so members or visitors can chat with our staff members live. I think this would be a great tool for those needing immediate counselling or technical support. Member to member discussions are still only via forums. That way we can still moderate topics and keep the forums clean/family friendly.

    I'll install this software soon. :smiley90:
  2. How awesome, Jeff! I would be glad to counsel people if you want me to :) :) I don't think I'd be very helpful with the technical stuff though :/
  3. Katie....helping peeps IS very Technical in itself. Mechanical is not you but human is right up your ally sister. ya don't need to be a master at something to help some one. Me? .give me nuts and bolts and a motor. that is what I am good at. :)

    Chili out
  4. Woo Hoo! Awesome!
  5. Ha okay?

    Anyways, Jeff, I would be happy to counsel those who need it :)
  6. Jeff ....

    Question : Does one have to be on staff to help with councelling ?

    Are there going to be training sessions for councellors?
  7. I thought you had to be a pastor or professional counselor, for the protection of the site and owner. At least that's what I was told on other Christian forums.
  8. This feature is still in it's infancy regarding implementation, but the CFS guidelines have always been in place that a licensed and insured professional counselor is required to assist with critical personal issues with forum members. There are no licensed and insured counselors on staff at CFS and the Pastors / Ministers that are here on staff at CFS are bound by the laws in their own home residential localities regarding counseling and liability. Internet counseling would not be permitted under most local and jurisdictional regulations. Only face to face in-person office counseling can be provided by Pastors / Ministers under most circumstances. This is serious business and that is why the staff at CFS has been critical of anyone asking for or receiving 'counseling' at CFS without staff permission. One wrong word to someone who is contemplating suicide, for instance, could result in a tragic outcome.

    Perhaps the word consultant would be more appropriate. Due to liability issues, anyone who 'consults' with a CFS forum member will only do so under strict guidelines that will be posted in the forum and consulting will NOT be allowed for relationship, suicide, drug, alcohol, medical or depression issues. Those extremely serious situations are best handled by licensed and insured professionals in the person's local home community.

    The live chat may be used for spiritual consultation and education as well as technical issues that may come up. We would also like to mention that since our CFS staff members are located in 11 different time zones around the world, live chat may not be available at all times... or at all some days. And again, this feature is still in the pre-planning stage.

    Thank you.
  9. Exactly what I was refering to
  10. Thanks Pastor Gary for the clarification .
  11. I'm becoming a psychologist if that helps
  12. Staff will choose who is best for this purpose. Consultants need to be strong Christians unless its about technical issues. With the live chat, we are able to create departments such as Pastorial, Technical etc etc and assign different people to different roles. Currently I am waiting for them to activate the new software. Then I'll download and install it on CFS.
  13. Live Support button has already been added to the front page. We'll soon be learning how to use this new tool. We'll also be allocating staff to different departments. If you are a full member and you've been here for a while to know what to do, please get in touch with the staff. We might need you for Live Support or helper position.
  14. I see the button is in place and was wondering if we could have some more clarification as to how it would be working and is there certain times that it would be on and is it just for CFS members or is the general public. able to access it ? Thanks
  15. Hi Dusty, the chat is for everyone including non-CFS members. We are using it to share the Gospel to non-Christians, give tech and prayer support to CFS members and non-CFS Christians who are just visiting. The button turn green as soon as a staff logs into chat. When its green, you can chat with us live. Otherwise, you can leave us a message. Works round the clock.
  16. Cool .... Thanks Jeff .... God Bless you and may you continue the vision that the Lord has given to you .

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