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  1. We now have a live chat section for our members. :)
  2. Hi Jeff, sounds good to me! Hope to see you on there :)
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  3. I checkt this out and it is pretty good Jeffin. TY sir for this. :D

    Chili chattin heheheeh
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  4. You are welcome. :) God bless you.
  5. Mr Jeffin Johnson
    hey a thot came to mind. Live chat is a good thing. But what if someone wants' to go private in a different room. It was like that on Positive thoughts .com where I started in the christian forums. I think we might need that so when the population comes they can segregate the chats instead of a jumbled mess and waiting for reply's and seeing everybody's response.
  6. This one's a free and basic chat software. When we have enough funds for a good one, I'll definitely consider that. Thanks for the feedback Matt.
  7. WOooooo. It's a good idea :)
  8. Hey y'all, this is what's called a SHOUT BOX instead of live chat:)
  9. Yes, it is called a shout box. I renamed it to live chat because I don't think everyone would know what a shout box is.
  10. i know what a shoutbox is :D
    but if you think about it, it CAN be a chat if 2 people are on it at the same time and chatting :p :p :p
  11. I actually didn't know the difference between a shout box and a chat until now. All this time, I thought shout box was like a really simplified version of chat. :D

  12. There are quite a few free ones around although I guess it could take a fair bit of time to find one that is suitable.

    I've just been playing around with Ajax Chat which apparently integrates with a few message board systems and doesn't look to difficult to customize to fit in with others. I've not tried this but I believe it also can with some added bits use Flash to get the the data rather than constantly having to poll the server as HTML does and I'd guess may be lighter as well as being more responsive (although it seems to be responsive enough without Flash - but I'm not sure how many hits the web server gets...)

    Anyway. I've temporarily put a copy of this one on my home web server. If anyone wants a look, first they need to "register" (something I've quickly cobbled to add a user name and password to the system - don't use any real passwords) at

    Once that's done, one can login at
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  13. Your chat software looks good. Yes, I am looking for one that integrates with xenforo (which is a fairly new forum package). There aren't that many available at the moment. There are two others but I am waiting to see what other better softwares would join in. Without integration it is inconvenient for members plus easier for spammers to get in and especially with my limited level of understanding programming languages I don't think much can be done. :) I'll keep checking out. If you find one that integrates with xenforo, let me know. Thanks.
  14. OK, I'll have a look over the weekend. I may also see if I can get this one to fit in with xenforo.
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  15. You'll find add-ons for xenforo at If they don't have one, what I do is send the developers a message asking them to consider xf. In most cases they would be interested especially if they already integrate with other forum packages like vbulletin, invision etc.
  16. A shoutbox is kinda a way just to say hey or to make a chat usually has private "rooms" as people can chat in private or a group chatroom.
  17. Got it running with the Flash client socket now. The HTML client didn't seem to upset Apache or the server load with the 6 browsers I used but with the rate it makes page requests - clocked up 10,000s hits and made my web stats look a bit odd! - I'd at least have to modify my server log settings... The Flash client needs to run a socket server which is written in ruby and some authorisation server written in php. It seems to work nicely although I'd be interested to know if others can connect OK.
  18. I think I'm at a full stop at trying to get a free chat to integrate with xenforo. When I started looking and playing, I assumed their 3 day trial was a download I could play around with but they only offer an online demo and I don't fancy my chances at achieving anything with that.

  19. You'll need a license to download it. I check this forum out regularly for xf add-ons. If a new one comes out, I'll wait till a few users give some feedback and then I'll test it out here. Tapatalk is something I am eagerly waiting for now.
  20. Where can I find the chat feature?

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