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  1. God takes sin very seriously. He hates sin because of what sin does to his children, and how it has the potential for ruining lives, homes, marriages, friendships, and/or church congregations, etc. So much sin in today’s church goes unchecked. So many messages in today’s church leave out the word “sin”, they do not call the sinner to repentance, and they do not demand obedience to Jesus Christ. They often placate sin so as not to offend the sinner, and they water down the gospel message so the sinner does not feel guilty about his sin, but feels that God’s grace gives him a free license to continue in his sin and yet still attain heaven. May it never be!

    Christ Jesus came to set us free from sin, and not just free from the ultimate penalty of sin – eternal damnation. He set us free so sin no longer has to have dominion over our lives, but so we can be free to not allow sin to control us, but rather for us to be slaves to righteousness, as obedient (but not perfect) servants of Christ.

    Listen! Listen! / An Original Work / December 20, 2011

    Weep and wail o’er your sins, children.
    God is calling out to you:
    Be ye honest; tell the truth,
    And it will set you free.
    Harken to Him calling you to
    Bow on bended knee today.
    Don’t delay to let Him in,
    And He’ll cleanse your hearts;
    Pure within.

    Sinners, won’t you listen to Him
    Calling out to you today?
    He died so that you would be free
    Of your sins always.
    Turn from your sin. Turn to Jesus.
    Obey Him in ev’ry way.
    He wants to set you free of
    All your guilt,
    For which He did pay.

    Listen! Listen!
    Don’t close your hearts
    To His voice speaking to you.
    He will give you all of His peace,
    If your hearts be true.
    He longs for you to come to Him
    Humbly now and repentant.
    Obey all of His commandments.
    Live with Him eternally.

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  2. This is definitely a word for the moment, and I feel the edge of it. I've been reading about the sin-offering in the first part of Leviticus, and that led me on to look at the penitential psalms of David. Those psalms... how David felt his sin! He was led, by God, not just to grieve over the consequences of his sin, but be grieved by the sin itself. To be grieved by sin, those would be holy feelings, would you say?
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  3. Yes, too many people these days act as if God just winks at sin, and they don't take sin seriously. We need to be people who grieve over sin and who walk in the fear (awe, reverence) of Almighty God.
  4. Quite so. I'm only beginning to understand that. It came to me quite forcibly, and I have to admit I'd never given it much thought before.
  5. We all learn things at different times and in different ways. Although I have been a believer in Jesus for a very long time now, there is still so much I am still learning. The Lord opened my eyes to see so much I didn't see before these past 11 years especially. So, I get what you are saying here.
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