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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Mr. Darby, Aug 28, 2013.

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  2. Excellent site Mr. D. Have you seen any of those things here on this site?
  3. I haven't looked around at the site any. I got the link from a friend on Facebook, and thought it was a nice article. Maybe I'll go back and explore the site some more. Yeah, I certainly have seen some of those things here. I thought maybe someone would recognize it. :)
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  4. Yes...but we try not to look for trouble, it tends to find us anyways. I can think of examples of each of the points that I have seen and heard from preachers and churches all over the world. The trick is to remember that it isn't always intentional, or specifically trying to deceive, but simply something they thought might be clever or entertaining or who knows what. That's why we must all be vigilant to understand what we believe, why we believe it, and how consistent it is with the bigger Biblical view.
  5. Speaking of preachers and churches twisting the scripture, I read an interesting quote today in FG Patterson's book 'The Lord's Host'. He writes:

    "The very persons who profess to love Christ, and who take the place of conservators of the truth, are enlisted to stamp it out, or hinder those whom he loves from taking up the cross in this heavenly warfare."
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    Selective citing is very common. Just look at the ''God does not love everyone thread''. It goes against the grain of scripture.

    SELECTIVE CITING: To substantiate a given argument, only a limited number of text is quoted: the total teaching of Scripture on that subject would lead to a conclusion different from that of the writer.
  7. True. If people are willing to take scripture out of context, I'm fairly certain that they could twist an manipulate it to mean ANYTHING they want it to. In a way, it is what the Pharisees did. They ignored the Spirit of the Word for the sake of promoting their own agendas.
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  8. I've become convinced in recent years that hermeneutics is one of the most important fields of Christian study. I think way too often it is neglected in Christian circles, and much doctrinal confusion is the result. I think that it is helpful to look carefully at Jesus' and the Apostles' use of OT scripture for clues as to how we should use scripture.
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