Like a fire shut up in my bones

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  1. Like a fire shut up in my bones

    This music is performed by our Church band and I so love it because this is what I feel in me.

  2. This is exactly how I feel. Its like fire shut up in my bone. LOL :D
  3. Oh, I love it <3
  4. They're are great band. These are awesome words!

    Like a fire shut up in my bones
    I want the world to know You are God
    With a passion burning deep within
    I want the world to know that You live

    Let Your presence come and saturate
    Every part of me, make me new
    Let Your Spirit come and move within
    Fill me once again ’cause I need more

    Jesus I’m desperate for You
    Jesus I’m hungry for You
    Jesus I’m longing for You
    ‘Cause Lord You are all I want

    Come like a flood and saturate me now
    You’re all I want
    Come like the wind and sweep throughout this place
    You’re all we want
  5. This video won't play for me . Must be my computer .... Sigh .... I want to hear it . Thanks for putting the words here GodSpeaks . You must have sensed that I could not hear it .

    Very , very heartfelt words . Jesus I love you .
  6. Jeff here's another good one by Planetshakers :D


  7. That,s the whole point of it all, to touch hearts and lives with an anointed message and music so that the holy spirit can change lives!!!!
  8. Amen!

  9. Beautiful .... That one played for me .... Nice . I never heard of this group . They are something like Hillsong . Thanks GodSpeaks . Yes He alone is worthy of ALL our praise.

    Praise His Name

  10. Do you usually have trouble playing Youtube videos?

    Try this for that first video. Open a new window. Copy this link and paste in the URL at the top. See if that works for you.


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