Ligt of the World

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  1. Light of the World

    I do theatre lights for dramatic productions at my church. So when the pastor started preaching on Jesus being the light, my ears perked up. It also happens that the mesage of this year's production for Christmas is light of hope.

    Last Sundays sermon was regarding the use in the Bible of different bodies of light to describe Jesus. Some interesting key points....

    He's called the bright and morning star

    ...But also described as the Sun

    As our Sun, Jesus has the power to destroy or heal...He IS the center of our world...or should be.

    Jesus called us the light of the world.

    Dark is actually the absense of light.

    If we are the light of the world, and we do not climb that hill, we allow darkness to reign.

    Spiritual darkness is the absense of Jesus. If we do not share our light with others, they will remain in the dark.

    Our world is in darkness BECAUSE we continue to take God out of the center of our world. Without God there can be no light.

    Someone who has spent a large amount of time in the dark will cringe at the light, when it is introduced. Those who are in the dark will naturally despise the light.

    This is why the world hates us. We are the light of the world...[​IMG]
  2. Good post, Kitsap. I was reminded also how roaches scatter from the light. Who would want to be in the dark with a bunch of roaches?!?! (figuratively and literally.) :eek: Not me! I'll take the light any day. :)
  3. *scatters away*
  4. Wow, really good post and nice way to explain things.

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