Lifetime odds of a particular death

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  1. Interesting but I suspect it varies by country.
  2. Be cool if it wasn't so legal looking.
  3. But the chances of dying, period are 1 in 1.

    Kinda makes it important that people get to hear about Jesus!
  4. Water is murder. It's a proven fact that everyone who has ever consumed water, eventually DIED. Tell everyone!!!
  5. But THE most hazardous chemical ... dihydrogen monoxide!!!
  6. who cares how we die,it,s how we live before death that counts,then life eternal.:)

  7. I guess I should stop drinking so much of it?! Maybe a coke would be healthier? Please say it is...I could live on Coca Cola.

  8. Wait a minute I think everyone that breathes dies too. And so does everyone who uses the bathroom- but good luck on giving up.:p
  9. But do you know the main ingredient?
    Yup, dihydrogen monoxide!
  10. :D :p Killjoy! :p :D
  11. number one cause of death
    Accidental poisoning by and exposure to noxious substance

    but your more likely to die from and external cause

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