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  1. I graduated Bible college back in May. God kept calling me to remain in the area with no more details than that. Just, "Stay here and wait and I will give you the next steps when the time is right."

    Okay, great. So, what do you think I did? I waited patiently.....


    I freaked out. I was stressed. Because let me explain my situation: I had no apartment and thankfully, my college opened up its doors for me to live in the dorms for the summer and to work on campus in the offices. But what was going to happen AFTER the summer and what if God keeps calling me to remain in the area AFTER the summer? (Which He did, btw!)

    And summer was ending. And after many applications (I put in 60 applications in...didn't hear back from a lot. Which I don't know why, because I have a great resume and I never had a problem of getting a job. Ever.) But, no one offered me a job. And summer was ending.

    So I was depserate and I went to the president of the school for some insight, to see if there's anything that I can do on campus. There wasn't. But...he did offer me to stay in the dorms this semester. So, great! Not ideal but at least I am following God's voice and staying in the area to the best of my ability.

    So my reaction is this: Anger and bitterness. Towards God. Because nothing was happening the way I had hoped. God wasn't communicating with me what the next step was, even after the summer. And then it turned into towards people. I used to the most liked person on campus and after I allowed the bitterness and the anger to get the best of me, I became the most unlikable person on campus. Not that people hated me, but people didn't want to be with me anymore. I lost 90% of friendships.

    This is what the poison of bitterness does. You think it's everyone else, but it's not. It's you. I learned that this summer. We choose to be bitter. We choose to be angry. Instead of choosing to love and to forgive and to let things go, I chose to be bitter and angry and it destroyed my life.

    So when I realized that, I repented and asked God to forgive me for having this poison in my life because I didn't want to be THAT person. Everyone knows a bitter person. As much as you try to hide it, it's still evident in your life. I didn't want to live a life like that.

    Within three days after I repented, let me tell you what happened:

    - I have a ministry position (full-time!)
    - I received an apartment THROUGH the job
    - I bought a cheap laptop ($400 MacBook) to replace the laptop that was stolen from me
    - I am becoming a fitness life coach through Beachbody
    - And I realized who my true friends are

    Talk about blessing.

    And after all this, I heard God say, "Now, why didn't you trust Me enough to just relax and wait? That's all that you needed to do. Instead, you stressed out and complained as to why I wasn't answering. I WAS answering, I told you what you to do. Don't you know that your Father will ALWAYS take care of you?"

    I learned a lesson.
    - Don't be bitter. Don't be angry. Your life is just too good to waste your time on that. Bitterness and anger DOES make your life miserable.

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  2. What ministry position did you get, and I'm glad you shared this. God has already done His part for us, it is our impatience and lack of faith that hinders the process.
  3. I am working in the states to support people who are going to Asia to do ministry and to bring people to Christ. :)

    This also requires me to travel to Asia for a few weeks and to Thailand :)
  4. Praise God. I started going back to a Bible College this year. Seeing what God has in store for me
  5. That's awesome! How big is your Bible college?
  6. I do it by correspondence until my second year. Not sure how many actually attend.
  7. Bangkok is a chaotic place, but dirt cheap. I stayed there for a week and the hotel, food and taxis came to around $500. I even did the river boat dinner ride to see the sights... great food - SPICY though :)
  8. Yeah I was in Bangkok in 2001. Different place and cheap

  9. OOOOOOOOOOO! You said the magic WORD hehe ....SPICY:LOL::whistle:
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  10. The older I get the more the spicy the food :) I NEVER ate spicy, now I get jalapeƱo cheese!
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    Gah, im not a patient person at all...

    Whenever god tells me somethings gonna happen for me, im on pins and needles. .and if it doesn't happen when i expect it too..or takes longer than i expected. . I deflate with disappointment.

    And dont get me started on bitterness, ill make this as short as possible, I was deeply offended by someone close to me... for months my mind would stew in hatred for that person, thinking they should apologize to me..but i know them and i know theyre not the type to do that... but out of the blue.. a couple of days ago, they called.

    It felt akward trying to pick up where we left off without addressing the elephant in the room... but we talked a long while ... and found out that those months i spent harbouring ill will for them..they went through pure Hades.
    So, i ended up saying sorry...never..EVER thought i would ( i was so angry with god, bc i asked him to help my forgive that person..and he wasn't saying anything for a long time)

    But afterwards, my mind felt free.. im not constantly thinking how they wronged me/ hating them... it felt empty in a good way x D ( i hate when i hold a grude bc all i do is replay the hurt/ offense in my mind)

    But it surprised me that, for the grudge to be loosed... i had to apologize. .even though i *thought/felt* i was in the right.

    So i guess, that was gods answer ..

    It feels so good being free : D i don't ever want to be that consumed by anger again that.. whether its my fault or not I'll apologize anyway. =]
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  12. Sorry...totally just got this now! Oops!

    I have to get used to the spiciness :p

    You will always be facing bitterness and anger, but that doesn't mean you can let it control you! You are on a journey and I am excited to where you're going!

    Be blessed!
  13. Bless you, sister... 'on the job training' isn't easy, is it? But what a priceless
    lesson learned!

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