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Life's all right

Discussion in 'Literature and Poetry' started by Raymond Tremain, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Life's all right

    Theres always something which we think,
    Might be improved on,
    A car, a meal, a business deal,
    A holiday thats gone,
    But when we see the stary night,
    We feel at least the sky's all right.

    There's always something in one's life,
    That rubs the gloom away,
    A thief, a cad, a temper bad,
    A soul that's gone astray,
    But when we see the morning light,
    We know at least the dawn's all right.

    There's always something that goes awry,
    However well we scheme,
    A plan, a game, an honoured bright,
    But when we see the fireside bright,
    We're apt to think that life's all right,

    written by Charles rewritten Ramon

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