Lifehous's Everything Skit

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  1. Lifehous's Everything Skit

    This is just a powerful skit i would like to share with you all. we preformed this on 2 occasions at my scool once at FCA(Fellowship of Christian Atheletes) and again at a Revival we hosted at our school. it is soo powerfull and from hearing ppl talk to me they have told me how much it affected them.. ..anwways i canot do it justice.. here it is.

    YouTube - Lifehouse's Everything Skit

    This is obviously NOT my school FCA's version..
  2. Yep it's cool ! Life House is one of my favorite bands!:D
  3. Cool. i am really into Music. and after i was saved i really got into Christian music... its like.. when its just me in my car or room listening to the music and praying... its like God speaks to me through the music... maybe its just me but i think its awsome.. anyways. i never heard of Lifehouse till i saw this skit.. now i love them.
  4. Life House, Third Day, Casting Crowns, Jason Morant, Sonic Flood, Todd Agnew, Benjamin Gate, Pocket Full of Rocks- the list could go on! I love music that speaks to my spirit!:)
  5. This has been posted a few times, but SHOULD be posted often cuz it's that good. :D

    Praise the Lord for music.
  6. Amen to that.:D
  7. How true very good

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