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  1. After just reading an interesting article about clerics in the UAE arguing about a Fatwa banning muslims from travelling to Mars for the future manned missions I was wondering what the christian viewpoint on this might be?

    Would you be happy to move to Mars or does it contradict your beliefs?
  2. There's life out there. I am perfectly fine living on earth. And it doesn't contradict my beliefs at all.
  3. When I was a kid, I loved poetry and science fiction, and once when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told them, the first poet laureate of Mars. Confession: that's still my dream job.

    I checked out an article on the fatwa. If I understand it correctly, the idea is that the inherent risks of planetary relocation are far greater than its potential benefits. If you willingly take on such a risk, that's the same thing as committing suicide. So anyone who dies on a mission to Mars is going to Hell, because suicide won't be forgiven, and they would have effectively committed suicide. The fatwa is then justified because it saves people from eternal damnation.

    I personally think it's obvious that the people going to colonize Mars aren't thrill seekers, but people who will have been carefully selected because they believe in the value of the mission, and because of their value to the mission. In other words, they believe the sacrifice is justified because the potential value of the mission to humanity is greater than the value of their individual life. I actually don't totally understand why Muslims would have a problem with that -- I think it's obvious that someone could take on that task for selfless reasons and with a clean conscience.

    I don't see how this could possibly confront the beliefs of Christians. Christian missionaries have always done heaps of risky stuff to serve the needs, both spiritual and material, of others. I wouldn't be surprised if Christians try to get a seat on the rocket as a chaplin to serve the spiritual needs of the crew.
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  4. Mark 16:16
    "And he said unto them; Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".
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  5. A very well written and measured reply.
  6. Your scripture doesn't mention about going to other worlds though?
  7. LOL....I knew you would say that!

    The way I understand that verse is that the ONE who created ALL things, the universe, stars and suns and solar systems is standing in front of the 11 men who He is about to send in to he world to finish what He has started. Therefore, they should have no limitations on where they could go.

    Personally I do not believe that there is life on mars, certainly not the kind we would say is sentient, but if there were, they need to be exposed to the gospel just as much as we here on earth have been exposed.
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  8. Well Curiosity lander certainly hasn't found evidence for life yet but I'm still hopeful that it will maybe find evidence that life was once there - even micro bacterial form. But we'll see.

    I couldn't possibly agree with you that if there was life on Mars that they should be exposed to the gospel of course but I'm sure you understand my view on that.

    When we finally colonise Mars, which I'm confident will happen, do you think there is a place for religion there?
  9. a desire to travel to Mars certainly does not contradict scripture - unless of course the motivation behind going to Mars was to somehow be closer to God, if that were the case like in Babel, I would suspect a two-way ticket may not be used!
  10. for me, there are not enough people there to preach the Gospel to, to warrant the trip ..
    unless God calls me as a disciple to Mars ..

    on what Qura'anic basis was the fatwah issued ???
    I can't think of any sura's it could be based on ..
  11. for me, there are not enough people there to preach the Gospel to, to warrant the trip ..
    unless God calls me as a disciple to Mars ..

    on what Qura'anic basis was the fatwah issued ???
    I can't think of any sura's it could be based on ..
  12. Of course! God created the entire universe and is sovereign over ALL His creation :

    “What sorrow awaits those who argue with their Creator. Does a clay pot argue with its maker? Does the clay dispute with the one who shapes it, saying, ‘Stop, you’re doing it wrong!’ Does the pot exclaim, ‘How clumsy can you be?’ How terrible it would be if a newborn baby said to its father, ‘Why was I born?’ or if it said to its mother, ‘Why did you make me this way?’” This is what the Lord says— the Holy One of Israel and your Creator: “Do you question what I do for my children? Do you give me orders about the work of my hands? I am the one who made the earth and created people to live on it. With my hands I stretched out the heavens. All the stars are at my command. Isaiah 45:9-12

    Amen!! He is awesome!
  13. Yes, my friend, I understand why you would say that.

    I certainly hope that there will be no place for religion, But Christianity...YES. Christianity is NOT a religion but rather is a Person!

    When men go to Mars, they will of course take their personal beliefs with them.
  14. amino acids and carbon .. but no life has yet been found that I have ever heard of other then erroneously calling either "life" ..

    the same as they can find meteorites with a couple of these building blocks of life on them, but they have never found all of the building blocks of life that are needed, thus not all of them together, nor any mechanism to bind them .. nor has a scientist on earth ever been able to bind them in a "laboratory primordial soup" .. let alone a natural environment ..
  15. why would we want to live on a planet that has an average temperature of about minus 80 degrees F less then earth, a very high carbon dioxide atmosphere and major dust storms .. did I mention no drinking water ???

    I would rather live in the Sahara or Antarctic ..
    we can't even take care of the needs of the people of our planet ..
  16. So that Hollywood can make another movie based on what takes place.
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    the cool thing is you can jump about 100 times higher ..
    so the sports would be interesting ..

    our moon would be a much better place to try and set up a controlled Eco-enviornment ..

    I can just imagine the price of a glass of water as $10,000.
    as the price of shipping would be phenomenal ..
  18. I look at like this- Christ is out there building mansions for His children.

    When He stops 'having children'; the bus will come back around to collect His kids from the 'schoolyard'. The rest of the kids won't be getting on the bus.
  19. I'd say that is a pretty good parable .
    however, "prepare a place for you" does not equate to it was not a done deal already ..
    if those who will accept Christ before they are born is known to God (since the foundation of the world) then He in fact may have created the "new city of peace" then as well .. just a thought ..

    no matter how well you reason, God is a step ahead of you ..
  20. Because we MUST find a way to move from this planet to ensure the survival of the human race, Mars is a stepping stone if you like. Our star has a finite lifetime so moving is absolutely necessary.

    Unless, of course, you just resign yourself to the fact that the earth will end eventually (it will) and you don't give a toss about what will happen to our descendants because you won't be here to see it.

    The fact that we don't take care of the needs of everyone on the planet is entirely political. Population control is an absolute necessity in my opinion. If we don't control it then nature will I'm sure.

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