Life Of Pi

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  1. just watched this last night, great movie brilliant story. I'll try not to spoil it for anyone, but its about a young Indian man who studies all religions, Judaism, Muslim, Hindu & Christian then ends up as a cast out with a Tiger, hyhena, monkey and Zebra. in the chapel he finds out about Christ and questions the priest why would a God send his son to die for us? What type of God would do that!? We all know that answer so no point in telling what the priest reply was. I knew it was going to be a great film from then on. A one heck of a journey for this viewer, that i might have to watch it again when its out on dvd.

    Oh did you know the Hindu religion has 3million Gods. THREE MILLION! LOL 3 Million v our One God.

    Go see Life of Pi.:)
  2. I slept though most of it(y) Just shows that one man's sleep is another man's pi(e)
    In real life that Tiger would have had him as an entrẻe.
    Might watch it again on DVD....and try to stay awake:)
  3. Yeah it was a looong movie. Dude you missed all that CGI entertainment! What a waste. lol The whale coming up from the depths to eat the shrimps (i think) the island where you have everything during the day but night it takes everything away from you. Going by the story and his beliefs in God / Gods it was either that made sure the tiger did not eat him and he survived. The ending is the best part, was it real or was it just a story...:)
  4. Worst part was that I went to a 3D showing and missed all that 3D effect..Oh well I might get a copy when it comes out on DVD.
    I went to sleep during les miserables too:rolleyes:
  5. Yes.........but with our ONE God there is a majority!
  6. Yes and 3 million false gods v one true God.

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