Life is short, but Christianity is forever.

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  1. Life is short, but Christianity is forever.

    Life is too short for us to do everything we've imagined. It's too short for us to even utilize our full brain potential, yet we continue to solve and create for the greater of man-kind. We live and die, yet at times we waste our life troubling over a hard situation, or waste our life to better another.

    God created us not only to serve and love him, but to give us free will to choose how we live our lives. This is a gift from Him. He set rules, but didn't script these rules into our minds so we thank our Lord by following his scriptures. We also thank Him by making our lives work. Don't think of God as a human, with the mind of a human, and the heart of a human. God is greater then any human. He loves us for being happy, he loves us for helping others, he loves us when we're not happy, he loves us during any scenario. God will love us even if He's not loved in return, that's only one in a few reasons why He is our everything.

    We owe God more then we can physically and mentally give, but He doesn't want you to deny your health, or a family's health because you had to attend church, He understands! He WANTS you to help others, he WANTS to fulfill your life. God doesn't require you to go to Church to get a thumbs up from St. Peter. It's our gift in return to hear is words.

    We will never understand all of God, but we can preach his word. We may never understand his word, but we can listen.

    So, alas my post is to it's end. Ask yourself this: "Who am I to others?" "What will change if I should so die?" "Who am I to God?" "What does my family think of me?" and &"How can I improve myself?"

    Now, don't think too hard about those questions, In the eyes of God, no matter how you appear to others, he still thinks your Way out Cool!"

    I do want to hear your thoughts about the post, and the answer to that question. I'm interested :)

    Love and Strength,
    P.S: If you have any random questions, I'd be more then happy to answer them as best as I can.
  2. This life is but a vapor. It is a test to decide if we want to be with Him or not.
  3. I completely agree, but he gave us this life and I believe we should appreciate it as well as preaching his word too. Wouldn't you agree? We have to make a living, and be social to others as well as taking care of our own families. :)
  4. Yes I do agree. Those things are part of the way we honor Him. As we work we honor His Name and do it unto Him. As we interact with others we are a light shining in the darkness and an encouragement to the brethren and He is glorified. God condemns those who do not care for their families as worse than infidels. Anywhere we go we are to radiate and express His love. We are the body of Christ - as such we must be His hands and His feet. We are to reach out and speak His Word, we are to love with His love. All we do can and will bring glory to His Name as we walk in total dependance on Him.
    Even those who mock and put down such a walk will come quietly for prayer when they are in trouble- they see God's goodness and provision in our lives.
  5. They are very good questions.....and sometimes life needs to be readjusted.....through prayer, Nate

    With Love~

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