Life is hard

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  1. Life is hard

    I didn't know where else to put this, so I'm just going to put it here.

    Life is hard, and a lot of people can't handle reality. The world is not cookies and cream, it's a world full of rotten blood (as I say). Being Christian is definetaly not the easiest thing in the world to do.

    Christianity is a lot different than what some may think - it's not just any old religion, as in example:

    1. Wake up. Pray. Read Daily Verse.
    2. Eat Breakfast. Pray. Go to work.
    3. Come home. Pray again. Read verse before bed. Go to sleep.

    Christianity is a lot like a marathon. You're going to get tired, weak, hungry, exhausted, fed up, angry, sad, etc. Many people quit after a few miles, saying, "It's too hard!". They're not 'failures', but, instead, people who want it easy. People who want it served to them on a silver platter. No questions asked.

    The ones that do continue on, experience some things that will make anyone want to rip out their hair. Satan is always there, or some person, or a block in the road that will hinder your quest.

    God is there for you in those times. On this road, we cannot depend on our selves to win this race. We have to depend on the Lord to help us. Why? one make ask. Because, this marathon, or battle, is not flesh versus flesh, but flesh versus spirit. In our perspective, it is also giving up our desires and focusing on the road ahead, the big prize, the big kahuna.

    You can't win a race by looking around. You can't win a race by talking a lot. You have to be focused, determined, persistent. You have to focus on the Lord. Not the Mercedes SUV on the side of the road, or the wad of 50,000 dollars in a ditch. All that stuff ain't gonna help you in this race!

    Instead, take the things that are laid before you by God. The Armour of God. The golden, Holy Armour. Armour that can help you, protect you, and shield you.

    Life is hard - but the trials and tribulations you experience will lead you to everlasting life, the Kingdom of God, and Eternal rest. Paradise regained.

    So, don't worry if you run into a narrow path, or a thick forest, or a river. Focus on the Lord, and the good things, and the Gospel, and you'll make it there. You'll see.

    As the name of the poem (forget the author's name)...

    That road less traveled, IS THE ROAD TO GOD!
  2. Life can be hard but His joy is our strength and His yoke is light.
  3. Yup.

    And that yoke and light is not that hard to find. ;)
  4. nope i am christian,i do not have a routine like that.who told you you have to do this,we as being christian have free will.there are no demands on us to pray 3 times a day or anything like careful who you listen to,many try to force you away,Jesus said my burden is light.
  5. I don't do that routine.

    Other people may do it. Other people may think we do it.

    But Christianity is deeper than any routine.
  6. your motives in life are a paramount.we all need help on motives.

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