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  1. Okay, guys, here's my thread about my updates. Nothing to report about now. But, you are going to see a big change in me. I just Know it. Just you wait, and see. And you can comment about them. I just ask that you comment good positive comments. I want to stay on the up and up. Not the down and down.
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  2. Greetings:

    Let them rip...dollar for dollar,this is the place for good advice,and to advise the fair unto betterment.


  3. Okay I will @krossquad I will bring em on.

    So far, so good. I am having a good day so far, even though I woke up about a half hour ago. Anyway, will update once a day if I remember. Which I will since I am watching this thread.
  4. So far so good. Nothing going on except us watching my nephew. He's being a good boy playing with his Cars inspired cars.
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  5. I'm watching my nephew too
    ;-) <3
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  6. How fun is that? Don't ya just love kids? I know I do.
  7. They are ok ;-) lol! Mine drive me crazy...they are 12 and 7, both boys. My nephew is 3...he loves Cars too :)

    Well have a fun day !
  8. Not much is going on with me today. Just having a not so good day. Truvial things like the snow flying, my dog not going #2(most know what I mean.), things I can't control. But, with God, all things ARE possible.
  9. Jesus had those days to! :) I can picture it - there He is teaching his disciples, having a time of fellowship.....when here they come again - those Pharisees and other religious leaders that would come to argue and try to trip Him up. I'm guessing that wasn't a whole lot of fun....and yet we know that even with the bad days, Christ came out in the end just fine. :)
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  10. That's right. And I will come out fine in the end too. I am POSITIVE I will come out fine in the end.
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  11. So far, so good guys. Have a doctors appointment later today. Gotta call soon to see how far they are behind. Yes, my doctor gets there late, and stays sometimes til midnight. So, I gotta call to find out when I am to go. Anyway, it's just a regular checkup. Nothing serious. I got blood work done , so, if you could pray that all my blood work is good. Will update you when I get home. Have a GREAT day today, in Jesus' name, AMEN!!!!!
  12. I said I would update y'all. So here goes:

    I went to the doctors and he is putting me on more meds. I did say more. I am on a few, and I'm only 31 years old. I posted in the sports forum that Ian going to change my eating and excersicing habits. I NEED to get my butt in shape. I don't know how I lost 13lbs from the last time, but, I need to continue losing til I get to my ideal weight.
  13. Getting ready for bowling tonight. But , again trivial things are going on. Not going to bore you. Just know I am having a mostly good day today so far. Love y'all.
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  14. Went to bowling league last night, and had fun of course. And now it's today. Just kind of starting my day today. So, more to come.
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  15. Cool! I ate really healthy today...victory!
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  16. Having a good day so far today. Not much is going on with me. Just thanking God for my life right now.
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  17. I have to lose ten more pounds. I gain about 50 pounds each pregnancy, and I have always lost it. Last time I gained 60 pounds! I've lost 50 so far... last ten!
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  18. Having a good day today. Just watching NASCAR. Other than that, not much else going on.
  19. I am hanging out with my nephew Clarence today cause we're watching him. He's getting ready to take a nap in the next little bit. So, that means I'm having a good day today.
  20. We had to get our car inspected today. Don't know how much it's gonna cost. They will call us when it's ready to be picked up.

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