Liberal Christians?

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  1. So who self-defines as a liberal Christian? (I do.)

    And an unrelated second question: What do you think liberal Christianity has in common with liberal politics, and what do you think conservative Christianity has in common with conservative politics?
  2. I probably fit into the more liberal side of Christianity, although I've never thought of myself that way.

    I vote republican mainly because of the abortion issue. I just can't bring myself to vote for someone that is all for killing babies. I guess it's the lesser of two evils.
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    It depends on how we're using the word "liberal." There's a classical use of the word and a "progressive" use of the word.

    It's very difficult to say what I am if I don't know how it is being used and in what context.
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  4. It is actually the Protestant traditions which are technically liberal, and in fact always has been. Conservative comes from the root conserve as in conserving historical precedent. Liberal comes from the root liberty which means to free or open to change like the Reformation.
  5. Some Protestant denominations I find extremely liberal, such as the United Church and the Anglicans (Episcopalians). But Protestants are at the other extreme end, VERY conservative as well. The evangelical crowd, some of the Baptists, and a lot of people who only refer to themselves as "non-denominational." An expression I find quite interesting, because it sounds like it should be very liberal but most often is the furthest thing from it.
  6. No, that's only when it comes to politics and especially Democratic politics which are in and of themselves liberal. Even conservatives in the USA are liberal in comparison to all of human history.
  7. Hello peacelikeariver and i hope you are well. I have to say I'm not a great fan of politics myself, especially church politics but I think a person's viewpoint comes from their own perception of what they would judge liberal or conservative etc. I would say that I wake up everyday with Jesus on my mind and go to sleep at night with Jesus on my mind. Some would call me an extremist and others would just call me normal. I think it depends on a person's viewpoint. I have to say, I'm just a Christian! Hope this has added to your thoughts....
  8. Politically I'm moderate.

    Religiously, I'm Order of Melchizedek all the way.
  9. I am Libertarian minded as it relates to politics. I have never once voted for a Democrat. I generally vote Republican for 2 reasons. The first is that the Libertarian party is too small to make a difference. The second is for gun rights.

    As far as abortion is concerned I don't see what the difference in voting for any party will make. It has been decided by the Supreme Court. Everytime any politician takes office abortion is no longer looked at. It is only a campaign argument.
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  10. Abortion will only be resolved when get a law that will federally quantify when death occurs.

    Until that precedent is done, we are going nowhere.
  11. Because criminals obey laws ;)

    While a law ought to be in place ( though I think on the state level just like how all murder is handled), education on abortion and bio-genesis is MASSIVELY important.
  12. Greetings:

    Judas held the money bag and was very liberal with it,just like today.Sons of Thunder were liberal about their power,and lo and
    behold,the married guy Peter took over.

  13. Haha reminds me of my Sister in law and her family.
    Me: who'd you guys vote for?
    Them: Romney
    Me: cool, why?
    Them: because we are against abortion and Obama is a Muslim.
    Me: makes sense.
  14. I personally don't like those labels

    they suggest either all

    either you have to support Republicans 100%, or Democrats 100%

    the reality is God not only gave us His words, but He also gave us a brain, and we need to use it!

    there are certain policies promotes by the conservatives are biblical

    and there are some policies promoted by the liberals are biblical

    we are here to SUPPORT biblical principles, not political parties.
  15. When abortion was illegal there were people that did it. It was unpleasant and often deadly.

    So no criminals will not obey the law.

    But if we have a federal law that quantifies actual death, then we can start working on when life starts.

    From there we have legs for an abortion argument on grounds other than religious mores.
  16. I think we already have legitimate argument against abortion other than religious mores -- we also have scientific and philosophical arguments against it. Usually, I use those points since if I'm discussing with someone who is not religious.

    But that's also my point. Unless the coherent argument against abortion is had without simply "God doesn't like it" then people will never grasp why abortion is in fact murder.

    But even going further than that, just as I despise any form of murder and rape, these are not things that the federal government can or should govern over. These are state-level crimes that are not only better left to local government, but are also constitutionally applied to state, not federal.

    The discussion on abortion has to start with education, not just law -- because if people still don't know what an abortion literally is and what the unborn literally are, they will vote for it and politicians will continue to pander to them and allow it. More people have to want it to be illegal and will have to take responsibility.
  17. One of the other problems is that most arguments FOR abortion FROM people who say they are pro-life is "If we make abortion legal, people will abort in unsafe environments and die."

    But that's not a sound argument. It's true that it would happen because history says so, but we wouldn't permit killing a 3-year-old if it means easing poverty on the mother. Nor would we permit a genocide because it would curb third-world hunger.
  18. Hence the need to determine life. We cannot do that with a lawful interpretation of death.

    If we make a standard of when life ends, we can then state when life begins.

    Not with hearts or with religion, but with science.

    It is the ONLY way to end the battle.

    I'm all for children being given into adoption before death. But we need to help non-religious people understand what is what.

    We need clear lines.
  19. On the social/economic side of things, I lean towards the left although I have no political affiliations.

    Let's just say I think its easy to superimpose our political and for that matter cultural ideals on top of Christianity and (it seems to me) find scripture to support the desired position...
  20. Thankfully, science has officially recognized when life begins and has for quite awhile now. Open any bio-genesis textbook and they all say the same thing -- LIFE BEGINS AT THE POINT OF CONCEPTION. From embryo to zygote to fetus, these are all defined, by science, as being a human life, albeit underdeveloped and with the highest level of dependency.

    The problem is the pro-abortion rhetoric ignores this, because if they submitted to the scientific reasoning, they'd have to go to the next step and use philosophy by saying "OK, if the unborn are human beings, and ending the life of a human being is wrong, then abortion is wrong." It's more conveniently out of site, out of mind, especially since the victims don't even have a known face and personality to pin on them.

    You are exactly right -- this is not just a religious issue, just as rape isn't just a religious issue. There are many secular pro-life groups because they understand this isn't just religious rhetoric. Christopher Hitchens, before he died, while he was venomously against religion, was VERY pro-life because he understood.
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