Letter To Satan

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  1. Dear Satan/The Accuser,

    You must be very proud that you have caused me to sin, and even more so that I dread over it.

    But, today I no longer identify myself with sin. I will no longer let you and sin rule over me and who I am supposed to be. I was not made to be sent to hell. I was made to worship God and be happy with the life he has given me.

    Yet you caused us to sin, to do evil in the sight of our God.

    So hell was made especially for you. And as a man redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ I will not be joining you. Because I have been set free, and been given power and grace to say goodbye to all the lies you have fooled me with.

    This day I look up to God, and thank him for his grace. This day I put my sin behind me, because he has washed me. He has destroyed your works, and you can no longer bring me to sorrow and shame.

    Your ways are foolish and deadly, vain and dark. You fooled me into them before I knew better. You whispered into my ear the sweetness of your rebellion. But having tasted the goodness of God, I spit it out, and all your lies with it.

    Today I taste of God's favor and mercy, his grace and love. This is what I was made for. No longer do I identify with the false person you have made me to be. No longer am I a man of sinful passions and foolish thoughts. But now I am a man of God, fighting your lies with the truth, and breaking free of your chains by the blood of the lamb.

    I have not chosen hell as you have. I have chosen God and his glory. I will not go to hell, but will remain forever in my God who has saved me.

    You have failed.


    a Christian
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  2. Did you write that Cosmic? Wow. LOVes it.
  3. Cosmicwaffle,

    You always have such a deep desire to know God and express your love for him. I know God is going to use you for wonderful things. Always continue seeking him because you seek him from the inner fire of God's life.
  4. Yes AllieWi I did, thank you! :)

    I feel as Christians our identity is all over the place, and for a long time I have identified with my sin. I wrote this because I am done living out the identity satan wants for us. I need to live out the identity that God has given me.

    I'm watching some sermons on Ephesians from Mars Hill Church explaining it in depth. They are really great I recommend looking them up!
  5. Thats awesome bro! Good read :)
  6. Sometimes I believe we give Satan to much credit, he may cause temptations for us to come our way but we are the ones who decide what we should do.
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  7. Yep, true that.

    In revelation in talks about satan being locked up and people still having evil in their hearts and turning from God.
  8. It is his will that we sin, and when we do he makes sure to make us feel hopeless.

    Yes we are the ones who sin, but he is the one who propagates it and uses it against us.

    As saints and children of God we should resist his temptations and if we do fall, know that we have an advocate with the father.

    It is satan that makes Christians say things like "Well I'm just a dirty sinner who doesn't deserve God's love.". That's his working!

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