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  1. Dolly, hoarse and exhausted, plopped down on the ground.
    "I cant do it anymore." She whimpered.
    Bug, nails clicking nervously, crawled into her lap and nuzzled her neck.
    She noticed for the first time, how artificial the ground felt. Like hard plastic instead of dirt and rocks.
    Where was she?
    She had lost the surety of where she was and what was going on. Despair flooded over her as weariness set in.
    Wrapping her arms around the bear-like creature, Dolly buried her face in his fur and wept.
    "Why are you crying?" Bug whispered. "Are you hungry, too?"
    "No," Dolly sniffled. "I'm tired. Tired of fighting. I want to go home, and see Bill. I want to stand in my own kitchen again and smell my own cooking. I want to see the sun rise and the clouds float in the sky. I'm tired of all this blankness. Bug, can you make it go away?"
    He looked at her blankly. "I'm not sure you are ready for that, yet."
    Bug just snuggled closer.
    Sighing, Dolly settled back and stared out into the blank air.
    There was nothing.
    No features.
    No light.
    No sound.
    Except for the occaisional blip.
    Dolly knew it didnt come from Bug, now. She didnt know where it came from, and really didnt care.
    Dont give up, Dolly!
    The whisper came from above her. From all around her.
    You are almost there!
    "WHERE?" She screamed back.
    Dont give up!
    Dolly's heart clenched. Bill! She missed him and loved him so!
    Memories of their life together flowed around her in kaledescopic colors. She allowed the memories to envelop her and carry her further.
    So much love. So much life!
    Suddenly, strength bloomed in her being. Determination to not give up made her leap to her feet, dislodging Bug from her lap.
    "No!" She cried out! "I wont give up!"
    "Are we going to eat now?" Bug whined.
    "Come on, Bug! Get a move on!" And Dolly marched off into the grey, stubborness in every step.

    (Your turn! Whee!)
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    G'day Whirlwind and Fluffy,
    I just found this thread yesterday afternoon and have been reading it non-stop ever since then...wow you guys are so talented in writting this...I've also just started reading it to my nearly 12 year old daughter last night and she is also enjoying this as well...so when she gets home from school I know she is going to want to hear how Bill and Dolly are going. For encouragment sake......Please keep this up it is a so good no excellent story so far.....I'll be waiting to see what happens next....
  3. ( oh, thank you so much, Autumn, for your kind words! You know, you can join in and write some, too! We are taking turns at this and anyone can jump in! We'd love to get some 'fresh blood' in here! hee!)
  4. (Yes, by all means!:) This is everybody's story. Anybody who has read it, anybody who has contributed even one letter...it's ours. It's amazing what the Lord has given us...jump right in!:D)
  5. (Sorry, guys! I know its not my turn, but this couldnt wait!)

    Determination reverbrated with every step Dolly took.
    She didnt know where she was going, but it didnt matter. Just keep moving. Dont stop.
    Bug bravely kept up until his strength was zapped. Then he began to wail.
    Dolly scooped up the bearlike creature and kept going.
    Bug nestled onto her hip and clung tightly.

    The grey began to lighten up and a movie started playing on the clouds.
    It was the strangest sensation! She was moving forward, but the movie was playing backwards!
    First, the dashboard that had slammed into her face receeded back. Glass sparkled everywhere. Then, the face of the drunk driver, instantly sober, slid fractions of inches from her head into the windshield and beyond. Eyes wide open with fright, hair glittery from the glass.
    The windshield repaired itself and Dolly had time to realize that the airbag had failed.
    Rain splashed up from the windows and the windshield wipers seemed to bring smears instead of clearing them.
    Dolly saw headlights in front of them appear from under their bumper, then zigzag back and forth as Bill had tried to avoid the collision. His arm out as if to shield Dolly from the crash.
    Then, she heard him talking jubilantly about the goodies they were going to treat themselves with tonight. A pineapple/fat free milk shake for her, and a banana split for him.

    She remembered! They had finished repainting the house and they were celebrating.
    Bill! Was he hurt in the crash?
    She didnt know. There was no memory after the dashboard met her face. They were going to have to write a letter of complaint to the airbag company, that was for sure!
    The thunder was still coming, but it was distant. Faint rumbles.
    She had a headache to beat all headaches. The rest of her body didnt feel so hot, either.
    Duh! I wonder why that is? She thought to herself. See? I KNEW it was a coma induced dream! ha!
    The slick suited man was standing in front of her, finger raised and mouth poised to speak, but she just blew right on by with out giving him a chance. She didnt want to listen to anything HE had to say! The man disappeared with a pout.
    Fine. You are doing fine. Came that mysterious voice. It sounded alot like Ranwell, but the headache was making thinking difficult.
    How is she doing? Came another voice. This one unfamiliar.
    Amazingly enough, she is rallying!
    Oh, thank God!

    "Do you hear that, Bug?" Dolly whispered to the bear. "I am getting better!"

    (ok, your turn!):p
  6. HEY,you guys ARE GOOOD! (sorry for the understatement)
    I only found this today,but you guys got me glued! =x
    can I have permission to put it in my blog?It'd be such a good way to reach out to others..I promise I'll put in copyright.. =x
  7. ( Hey 3Nails! Glad you enjoyed it! I dont have a problem with you sharing this, but I'm not sure about the rules and all. And Whirlwind and all the others that have contributed may have something to say, too. Maybe someone can chime in and help us out here? :) )
  8. (Fine with me...the story belongs to everybody anyways.:) And it's for God's glory.;))
  9. Because an official program on any nano was impossible, its behavior was determined by its interactions with other nanos.

    One nano would be dead, a smaller-than-cell size piece of debris floating throughout the circulatory system of its host. It would not move, it wouldn't behave in any way or perform any functions.

    But when several nanos came within a close proximity of each other, their specific design, shape, and positive- or negative-charges began to resemble something that could be binary code. And in enough groups, those binary codes resembled a program and carried out their tasks.

    Ranwell was reminded of the mosaic wall decorations he had seen in a museum when he was a boy. Up close, you saw photos of vacation pictures, graduations, birthday parties. Each photo told its own story. He could spend hours stepping from right to left to examine each photo, giving each its own attention. But at the end...when he stepped back, the photos vanished as separate images and became a larger, solid image that was always invisible when seen from up close.

    Those were the nanos. Interesting individually. Working together when set into massive colonies.

    He continued to watch the screen until his eyes burn, and still couldn't tear himself away from the activity.

    The nanos were performing their jobs at repairing Dolly's torn body at the cellular level...they were incredibly fast at what they did. But even as fast as they could repair, there was enough damage done to make the overall picture seem hopeless.

    Ranwell raised his eyebrow. Of course, Dolly should have been dead. In a world without nanos, she would have been dead. Was he, Ranwell, playing God? And was there something at work within the code of nanos that was preventing him from going any further with his work?

    Slowly, Ranwell turned in his chair and worked at his console. Lines of code fell into place on screen - and there it was!

    He leaned forward, frowning, fascinated with the seemingly random act that had been tossed out there by the nanos.

    In Ranwell's nearly perfect colonies of nanos, there it was!

    A bug.

    (your turn :))
  10. (Oh, I like that! A 'Bug' in the system! hee!)

    Dolly kept walking and noticed the terrain smoothing out. No more hills and valleys. Flat.

    The air was getting brighter, too. Less black and more grey. She was glad the thunder had stopped.

    Bug startled and looked around. He had been napping on her shoulder.
    "What's the matter?" Dolly asked him. She decided she was fond of this strange little creature, no matter how annoying he got. At least he was company.

    Bug didnt reply, just looked around wide eyed. He settled back on her shoulder, but he continued to sweep the area with his bright black gaze.

    Dolly stopped and put him down. Squatting to get eye level, she cupped his chin and forced him to look at her.
    "What is going on?"
    "Dont you feel it?" He squeaked out.
    "Feel what?"
    "Someone is watching us." Bug shook with fear.
    "I dont know." Bug reached up to be held again. Dolly scooped him up and continued walking. Now he had HER paranoid! Who was it? That strange black suitted man? Something else?
    Dolly looked around herself, but could see nothing but grey. No features, no rocks. Just flat ground and distant grey.
    She was tired, but determined to keep going. She just knew her return to Bill was tied into moving. Just keep moving.

    It was several minutes before Dolly noticed the little sparkles of light floating around them. Was she seeing stars? Was she about to pass out?
    But the sparkles had a definite pattern and didnt behave like 'pass out stars'. Different colors flittered around them. Sometimes dancing together, other times swirling apart.

    Now what was this?

    (Your turn!):D
  11. Dolly was very fascinated with these sparkling dancing glowing stars, as she watched they made beautiful patterns that kept moving and changing from circles to hearts to triangles and then stars shapes, in the sky, something so lovely to see from all the greyness. Each time they changed shape, their colouring changed too, from gold to purple to blue to silver to red then changing back to gold.

    Something strange began to happen; it was like these stars sensed her presence they started to move slowly towards her Dolly and circled around her, she felt no fear as they included her in their glowing dance. Dolly laughed and danced around, watching as they encircled her, as the stars moved around her she felt energy coming from them, she felt a little sad, cause Bill wasn’t here to see and feel the energy that these little stars were giving her.

    All of a sudden Bug yet out a yelp as one of the little glowing stars reached out and touched it, Bug jumped off Dolly’s shoulder and the stars followed it, encircling Bug…..why?
  12. Didn't know whatelse to write so..
    You turn....
  13. It spun off and sparkled in her direction - not Bug's. It seemed to talk to her directly, but not to him.

    And yet - it spoke to them both!

    "Hi!" it chimed out.

    Dolly, who was almost asleep by them, stirred in her sleep and uged at Bug to be quiet for now. Heck...she'd had a busy day, and there was probably a busier day to come. The last thing she needed was him "Blipping" and beeping while she tried to

    "Hi!" it chimed out again.

    "I think," Bug said quietly, "I think that it's trying to talk to meesa!"

    Dolly sat up, instinctively curling Bug around by her side.


    "Dis thing!" Bug said...."He's a trying to talk to me, he is!"

    Dolly blinked and leaned forward.

    She was tired, oh so tired. But she was used to this by now.


    Her eyes widened. She was amused.

    "See?" Bug said. "I told you Heesa dancing!"

    Dolly almost felt herself giggle for the first time in a long, long while.

    Lights! All around her! Beautiful sparkling lights! They were dancing! No pattern, just pure happiness!

    She did laugh.

    And just then...Bug did the most amazing thing!

    (your turn :)
  14. Sorry can't wait...

    Bug errupted.

    Enough of those little lights danced into him, and he just exploded while Dolly watched.

    There were enough sparks and enough dancing for her to shield her eyes, but something told her that the light wouldn't hurt her eyes.

    She came down to the bare space betweeen her knees and cowered, shivering there before she knew that all of those sparks and lights and exploding Bugs wouldn't hurt her.

    She was panting.


    Suddenly, she was clean. All over.

    And she was breathing hard, heavy. she was trying to get in all the clean good air that she could while the getting was good.

    This was incredible!

    "I told you!" Bug said.

    To her left, there was Bug.

    Below, the old tattered roller from her hair. To her right -

    To her right...

    She turned...

    "You," she whispered. "You..."!

    She coudn't exhale. She couldn't inhale. She coudln't step forward or back. And she didn't know why...but her eye dropped and she fell to her knees as she saw something truly Wonderful before her.

    Something she had suspect her whole life...but, in the back of her mind, had thought might not have been true...

    (Hee hee your turn)
  15. Oh, you WOULD, Whirlwind! How do you top THAT? This will take some thinkin!
    Autumn Angel, that was GREAT! Do it again!:D)
  16. Dolly was filled with His presence, through and through. There was no part of her that He did not fill. Gasping for breath, Dolly looked up.

    The eyes caught and held her attention. Bright, warm, couldnt really describe the color. But filled with love. And energy! She was crawling with electricity! Looking down, she saw the sparkles coruscating all over her, clothing her in light.

    He reached down with His hand and took hers. Dolly was lifted to her feet as music poured in from everywhere.

    Strangely, it was a Disney waltz.

    "I know you,
    I danced with you once upon a dream...
    I know you,
    The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.
    And I know its true that visions are seldom all they seem.."

    They were dancing!

    Dolly could hardly believe it! Waltzing! Oh, He danced good!

    He threw back His head and laughed. Laughter poured out of her heart, in sync with His. OH! She wanted this to go on forever! They swirled and whirled, around and around. She felt gorgeous!

    In the back of her mind, she wondered about Bug. What was happening to him? Where was he? He had become her friend and she worried about him. As they whirled around, Dolly swept her eyes over the landscape. No Bug.

    "Dont worry." He said in a gentle voice. "Your friend is alright. He is being taken care of."

    Dolly relaxed and melted in to the waltz.

    (your turn!:D)
  17. Dolly, who had never believed in God but only sat in church to please her husband, opened her eyes.

    Slowly, her eyes came open.

    To her left was a window - blinds pulled but still showing the light of a different day. The light of a day of understanding, a new understanding, she thought.

    Her left arm was taped with tubes. Something over her head was beeping. Beep. Beep. Beep.

    To her right was a man asleep on a chair.

    Dolly tried to move her head, but the pain exploded from the inside-out.

    She reached up and found that her scalp was covered in knots of gauze.

    But she smiled.

    "There's no way that I should be here right now," she whispered to herself. "No way."

    She reached down and clutched her husband's hand. She made sure that she squeezed it so that he felt it, even in his sleep.

  18. Even squeezing as hard as she could, it was still as light as a feather.

    Bill jumped as if jolted with electricity.

    "Dolly!" Bill embraced her as gingerly as possible. "How are you?"

    "You tell me." She whispered hoarsely.

    Bill told her just a little of her injuries, which had been considerable. He felt like she wasnt strong enough to handle any more. He would spare her if he could.

    She looked around as much as her head would allow her.
    There, on the table beside her bed was a monstrosity of a bear. Bug?
  19. (sorry, grandson was needing attention and had to cut it short!)

    "What is that?" Dolly pointed a finger as high as she could lift it at the bear. It was huge! It sat on the table next to the bed and looked back at her with its blank eyes and bright red bow.

    Bill laughed. "It was your mother's idea. She thought it would keep you company when I had to step out."

    He smoothed back a few wisps of hair. "Did it?"

    "Did it what?"

    "Did the bear keep you company?" Bill smiled. She looked gorgeous in his eyes.

    "You'll never believe it." Dolly knew she must look a sight, but at the moment didnt really care. "Was there music, too?"

    "Your mother played Disney tunes for you when I had my back turned." Bill grunted. "She thought since you loved Disney movies as a child, it would help you. I nearly gagged every time I came in here and found them on the tape player."

    Dolly grinned and then grimaced. Her face hurt. She must have been injured worse than he was telling her.

    "What happened?"


    "Dont evade, what happened to me?"

    Bill smoothed the covers and picked off invisible lint.

    "Bill." Dolly croaked. "You've got to tell me!"
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