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  1. Okay, there is one rule to this topic: no picking on people for what they say.

    If there is something to talk about that you feel comfortable talking about on the open forums, then feel free to talk about it. I will listen up, and offer the advice I feel I can give. I am here for any and all of you if you need a friend.
  2. actually, why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself? I think you mentioned you have problem with your eye sight, how does come about?
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  3. Okay. Here is a little about my vision problem:

    I have Macular degeneration which is where I lost my sight in the central part of my eyes. I have peripheral vision, which is where I mostly see out of the corner of my eyes. I can't drive a car, but have had the opportunity to. I was born with Macular degeneration. So, I'm used to having it.

    I also have noonans syndrome. It is basically a diesease where I have abnormal movements in my body.

    I also have epilepsy. Seizures. I have had that since 1997. I am used to it. Anyway, that's about me. If you have questions about me and my many quirks, feel free to ask away, and I will answer them the best I can. And if not, I will look for the answer for y'all. Thanks for listening to me talk about my many quirks. Now, tell me about you, and only if you want about anything you may have wrong with you. God bless.
  4. I feel for you Dana, and I appreciate you.

    I too have physical problems. I don't like to recognize them though.

    I was born without my right pectoral muscles. The right side of my chest. I used to be very self conscience about it when I had my shirt off.

    I also have a very sensitive skin condition, atopic dermatitis. My skin is very, very sensitive. I've even had to go to the ER a few times because my skin broke out in a bad rash.

    Yet I still struggle with vanity. And I have confidence and an amazing peace, that could only come from God Almighty(YHWH).

    I also find myself having to relocate often. Shaking the dust of my feet. Some people are attracted to me. They tell me, your a handsome man, I'm so glad I met you, etc.

    Then, then the enemy works in others, they get jealous, and envious. They see me content, content with almost nothing, while some of these people have million dollar home, fancy cars, their own private aircrafts, etc. And they still aren't happy, I'm sad to say.

    All they would need do is speak to me. I would gladly share the mystery of contentment. The only way to satisfaction. Knowing God, The One True God, YHWH, The Great I Am, our Beloved Creator.

    I, myself, am fine with everything that afflicts me. Every obstacle that I encounter. It all brings me closer to Him, and I owe everything to Him.

    Ultimately, I pray this message carry the will of Him, YHWH. Shalom.
  5. Thanks, dumpster for that. I appreciate you as well. I say God gave us these things because He wanted to make us both different. I am glad that I have come to a forum where I'm appreciated for who I am by some people. I mean, sometimes we get picked on, but He is with us always.

  6. mmm

    sorry to hear all those things, I am sure God let things happens for a purpose, and the purpose is always good.....

    well, I suffers from depression. I experienced social anxiety for a long time. I was abused and taken advantaged by people around me for a long long time, including Christians.

    I am just trying to get my life back together right now, it is a lot better than it used to be.
  7. Do god really exists ????
  8. The question is not whether God exists or not.. Do you believe if God exists.. That is the question.. See, I can deny the very existence of something..

  9. I believe in MY heart that God exists.
  10. I am having a good day today. I hope all of you are having a good day too. Love The Lord. Praise God.
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  11. Just thinking about the breath that gives life, creation, all things living, most beings on earth are male an female. How the planets and universes are held together. How words carry power. How the bible explains things and fore told events years and years beforehand. How God explained in the bible about keeping clean with running water, and segregating sick people away from others. God knew about diseases, and transmitted germs years and years before man discovered them, yet he explained the Hebrews how to deal with it.

    The plaques that afflicted Europe: they didn't know how to deal with them. They were keeping diseased people together, and leaving human waste in the streets, but after looking to the bible, they quarantined sick people and put human waste outside living areas in the ground. That's how they overcame the plaques in Europe, the bible.

    Deep down inside, every man/woman knows God exist, but whether or not he/she acknowledges this is another thing. Man/woman inherently reject God, and sometimes God, knowing some ones heart, will draw them to Him. Is God drawing you?
  12. Great to read you're doing well Dana. Shalom.

    I, myself, am doing so well, if I was any better, there'd be 2 of me :)

    Here's something to think about, I hope and pray God is having a great time. I'm pretty sure He is because He is a love that man has yet to really discover. Just my thoughts and feelings, and remember, I am only a mere man.
  13. You can think anything you want, my friend. God is having fun up in Heaven. I know He is. He is taking all of our sins and washing them away.
  14. Are you saying God is having fun by taking all our sins and washing them away in His blood?

  15. No I'm not. I'm saying He's having fun loving each one of us. If I said that, then I'm sorry.
  16. Just clarifying :) words don't always come out as we intend do. It happens!
  17. Okay. What's on everyone's mind today? My mind is on getting our dishwasher finally fixed. The guy should be here hopefully soon. And it's not gonna cost us a thing since it's under warranty. Yay. Hopefully they won't have to take it back to fix it at Sears.
  18. My driver's license is expiring today! Legally can't drive car from tomorrow.. Thinking when to leave from office to visit DMV
  19. I'm the dish washer here. But I would fix yours for free too. (less parts) I fixed my moms d/w.

    I can fix anything. I love that God has given me a keen analytical mind that can figure stuff out. That, and His guidance makes me eternally grateful.

  20. Why thank you my friend. I wish I knew how to repair stuff. But, God has something else in store for my life.

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