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  1. I was thinking of a new thread and what better than a photograph thread of everyone's Bibles.

    I will attached mine, in the photograph there is a NIV missing which I keep in my car.

    I have to extend special thanks to Fish Catcher Jim and Cturtle for the impressive Bible on the left.

    Note: I'll need to add mine at work as the file is too large to add from my phone...I shall do this tomorrow.
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  2. No thanks needed...God was the one who made everything possible. Thank you for your kind words though :)

    I will post mine in a little bit :)
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  3. Here are some of mine…


    The old one on the left is a New American Standard dating from my days in the Air Force (1975-1979). It means a lot to me and even if it is taped and wraggely, and even though an updated edition of NASB has appeared since, I will keep it.

    The Next is a New International Version.

    The Third is a King James from a few years back.

    The Fourth is a New King James Neslon Study Bible. It was on my bookshelf in my office until I was retired.

    In front, I have a Samsung Tablet with the Olive-Tree app. I usually have King James, Young’s Literal Translation, and New American Standard installed.

    Not pictured is my favorite to take to church, a King James red letter in very large type. I like it because I can read it without glasses and can listen to a sermon and have the accompanying scripture right before me. Currently, this is by my bed in another house.
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  4. Here's my "print" and "voice" bibles... the beat up one in the middle was my great-grandfather's, the second from the left is my Italian bible, then the One New Man Bible is a Messianic bible, the rest are interlinear, Hebrew and Greek, then my MP3 of Alexander Scourby reading. The rest are KJV.


    And my phone where I have many versions:


    Finally, my desktop (TheWord.net) where I have 30 more :)

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  5. CAM00158.jpg CAM00157.jpg

    These are just a few of my favorite things ;)
    the white one is from when I was 5 and the other 3 are the ones I read the most (NLT, KJV, Amplified). The ones not shown are an niv, nkjv, and a new testament kjv with one of our pastor's personal notes. Then I have 3 apps with lots of different translations.

    My next Bible soon to be attained is a complete Jewish Study Bible :) And I'm excited for when that day comes.
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  6. Thank you all for sharing your Bibles. (y)
    I am still having issues adding mine as the file is too large. Does anyone happen to know how to reduce an image size on a Samsung Galaxy S6 to post it here?

    One can never have too many. ;)
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  7. Yes sir
    Use a different phone/camera
    Our s4 and s7 will not go small enough and Cturtle used an old little phone to take her pictures and blue toothed them to her s7.

    Go figure.....
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  8. I don't have another phone Jim, however I think I may be able to resize them via a website on the Internet; I'll have a go. :)
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  9. I'm sure you also checked the settings on the camera itself?
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  10. If you email it to yourself, a good email program will ask if you want to resize it first. That's what I did.
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  11. Very clever; I shall try and get this done tonight.
    Apologies for the lengthy delay.
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  12. I had to laugh when I saw this thread, because I'm currently too ashamed to show anyone my bible! I recently painted my living room ceiling, and was totally confident that I wouldn't spill a drop, therefore didn't cover anything in the room. Mistake. Although I did a pretty good job everywhere else, my gorgeous (and very old) coffee table (which had my bible on it) did sustain heavy fire from white matt ceiling (non-drip...really?) emulsion:)
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  13. Although I do understand your dismay over splattering your Bible, a Bible that is just on the shelf gathering dust is sad. One that is out and available (and read) gains character, even if it is accidentaly dripped on.
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  14. 20170617_191220.png

    This was the first Bible I was given when I became born again. It was provided for me at work by a colleague. It is still my favourite Bible and travels with me to services each Sunday.
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