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  1. Well....whatever....back to Jeff's OP:

    A Woman went to the Post Office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.

    "What Denomination?" Asked the clerk.

    "Oh, my goodness! Have we come to this?" said the woman.

    "Well give me 50 Baptist and 50 Catholic!"
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  2. doesnt really matter whether it was aimed at me-which, by all appearances you were, your not really fooling anyone, of if it was aimed at a bunch of folks-an attacks still an attack.
  3. Yes...it does matter...If I say: "Gun owners are a dangerous lot." that doesn't mean you...but a boat load of gun owners.

    Now if Stan and I can't understand your "game", and you won't show where there are Planet X cultists or naked Mary on the moon advocates here....you have no argument.

    If you feel attacked, report me. put me on your IGNORE list....and if it really doesn't matter to you, you wouldn't keep coming back.

    Finished posting to you.... BYE
  4. Accepted, now please tell me what your concerns are or what posts in what thread you have issues with and I'll do my best to address them if you feel they have NOT been properly dealt with.
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  5. Back to Jeff's OP:

    Father O'Malley answers the phone. "Hello, is this Father O'Malley?"

    "It is"

    "This is the IRS. Can you help us?"

    "I can"

    "Do you know a Ted Houlihan?"

    "I do"

    "Is he a member of your congregation?"

    "He is"

    "Did he donate $10,000 to the church?"

    "He will".
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  6. A sailor is shipwrecked on a deserted island for a few years.
    While there, he has taught himself to be very efficient, make inventions, and build shelters for himself.

    One day, the Coast Guards show up and rescue him.

    Before they leave, the commander says "I'm impressed with your ability to make the most of your resources. Please, show us what you've done here."

    The sailor says, "Well this building is my home. That building over there is where I go to church."

    "What about that building on the opposite side," asks the commander.

    "Oh, that's where I used to go to church."
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  7. Whoaaaa Rusty! Once again we see right here the why problems arise and I for one am trying to stay away from the spats.

    I point this out only to show how easy it is to cause a confrontation IF you are looking for one.

    Rusty just posted above these words......
    "Patriot, Major and others claim their are many promoters of "false doctrines" on the forum, whodoes pop up momentarily sometimes, but soon get trashed by the Mods by those of us that will report them, like me, and will say they have."

    No, the ole Major never said such a thing!!!!!

    This is an old thread started by Jeff to incourage a more friendly attitude toward each other. I am totally for that!!!

    I commented on that in comment #50 and never mentioned anything about "false doctrines".

    Patriot in comment #59 denounced those people who expound the teaching of Plant X destroying the earth and those that would say that mother Mary is standing naked on the moon. Any well thinking human will agree that such nonsence as wrong and I agreed with him as I think we all do.

    Then to make sure that I cleared my mind and heart, I apologized to all for any misconception on my part.

    But right here in fron of you in comment #99, Rusty says something of me which I did not say.

    IF I was looking for a fight, this would be a good one to pounce on BUT I am not looking so it will just go by the wayside with only this comment right here to correct the, shall I say, misconception.
  8. You have been an asset to every discussion that I have read where you participated. My friend Glomung is also of the RCC and he is well respected as well and he always has well thought out comments as do you.

    I appreciate you and hope that you will remain here with us.
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  9. I appreciate the kinds words, friend. Thank you.
  10. LOL! Super!

    Three men are stranded on a deserted island. One is Southern Baptist, one is a Catholic and one a Church of God.
    The Baptist and Catholic are wringing there hands and praying and crying and worrying. The Church of God person is sitting over on an old log taking a nap with no worries.

    The two men approach the third and say to him......aren't you worried that we are going to die here on the island.
    The Church of God man said NO.

    You see, I am very rich and I believe in tithing 10% to the church, When my pastor dosen't see my check after acouple of weeks........he will move heaven and earth to find me.
  11. How in the world do you respond so quickly to posts????

    Do you have this site routed to a cell phone or something.?

    Just curious.
  12. I keep a few tabs open at my office PC. This is one of them. I've just responded to your comment AND an work email AND a phone call. ;)
  13. Naked Mary on the moon? You've got to be kidding me.
    I knew there were some serious nuts out there... but WOW.
    BTW, St. Mary is well known by some and is known to be quite modest in her person and attire.
  14. Hey Glo......I had never heard that either but Mr. patriot posted it. If it is something that is out there, it would of course be false, ignorant and just about anything else you can think up.
    Calling that particular thing would then be a no-brainer IMHO!
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    So you agreement on #63 is meaningless?

    Patriot says:
    You hook up with this idea right here:
    SO....you do agree that there is a a lot of false doctrine here. I tried to get Patriot to show us where they are, made a list of possible problems and neither you or he will discuss them, but complain about personal attacks .....by making personal attacks, like calling folks "arrogant" and "confrontational"....when well....you confront and call names.

    Pretty easy to see for most anyone who is reading without special glasses.

    Now since I returned you to ignore with your first insult to my mission, I saw no "apology" from you...Can you take the time to point that out. Major?
  16. And where is that on this forum!!!! Show us!
    Why belly ache about something that is NOT here?
  17. Only in your own mind. But if the shoes fits, feel free to wear it.....So answer the question, please, since you can't seem to tear yourself away....Why not start you deep political "debates"? Why?
  18. I think Patriot is confusing this. Can't find any cult posting here or anywhere about a naked St Mary on the moon. Again, all I ask of him, and he is mighty short of, is proof.

    This is what my Catholic sources say of this symbolism:http://campus.udayton.edu/mary/questions/yq/yq244.html
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    Ah found it...At last. It's been many long and sad months I have waited for this and now at last my prayers are answered.
    I'm next..... If you stick to this apology, leave my mission out of your conversation and stop playing innocent victim, then I will know your apology is sincere....looks sincere, and I accept it.

    I assure you: I have not been jealous of you in any way. I can't image how you figure that!
    Nor do I post out of the love "for myself". This is utterly imaginative.

    But this is an apology as best as can be done for now, and I'm glad to see it.
  20. In Patriot's defense, I think he was only meaning to be hypothetical. However, I do agree that to ban people for the believe that perhaps they don't align with one's specific doctrine could promote an attitude of elitism and shunning.

    Not trying to call anyone out for anything (because God knows I'm probably more guilty of this than anyone--I'm pretty horrible), maybe this argument isn't worth enough to continue. We all agree the Mods have been pretty good about where the line is to be drawn when it comes to banning people.

    One problem I have sometimes is that I might try to pin something on someone else rather than only defending my position. I think the more we try to blame, the more we get contemptuous. One of the most noble things we could do, even if we think the other guy has it all wrong, and even in the process of calling him out on it, is to show the most sincere form of charity toward that person.

    I forget to do this quite often--I wish it was second nature for me--but I think it's worth a reminder now and then. I think there is merit to each person's statements. Maybe this back-and-forth has been exhausted.

    Don't mistake this as me trying to accuse anyone of anything. However, I think maybe each person feels the other guy isn't doing the right thing. I hope this makes sense.

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