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  1. Let me be more direct:

    I'm a firm believer in religious liberty: a man is only answerable to God for his understanding of the Bible, and NO MAN is worthy of deciding what is another man's religious duty toward God. NO MAN is infallible concerning doctrine.

    This is the foundation of the Reformation and the purpose of those who fled Europe to found a free country, where no one dictates church doctrine by force, stricture or any form of banishment because of ideas.

    However, when the fruits of the Spirit are missing, when libel, slander, rudeness or petty insults are slung by Christians who feel free to act like the world to defend their religion....well....then you have problems.
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    And if this comment by Rusty does not exhibit arrogance and an attitude which encourages confrontation and division......
    what does???? He states ........"If you don't want your comfy opinions questioned, don't join a forum!"

    What he leaves out is that the name of this site is "CHRISTIAN Forum". When our brothers who are weak in the faith read such comments their faith then becomes weaker not stronger.

    At first, when Rusty joined the forum here, I just thought he was angry at me and wanted to argue and fight with me because I rejected some of his opinions. But after awhile I saw that he is that way with pretty much everyone.

    Now as a Christian, please read Rusty's comment ...........

    "Fourth: If your dying for fellowship so badly that the Internet forum is a big deal for you....Check you personal relationships. Church is not a business; marriage is not a business."

    Now here is how stuff gets changed. I did not say that marriage was a business!!! Read the comments. Rusty said that....not me! I did not say that church is a business.............."I said that I had been in the church business a long time."
    That is two different things altogether my friend.

    Now as for the comment said............I am dying for fellowship and the fact that you are not says something to all of us. Being a soul winner for Christ is all about makeing relationships and in that way it is a business. A work, a desire a business to save the lost for Jesus sake. To make a differance. If not, then why are you a missionary?????

    I am dying every day as all of us are. I am dying to get out the Word of God. I am dying to visit the sick and home bound. I have more personal relationships my dear friend than I can remember which is why I have someone to keep up with them . BUT that is not the point!!!!!!!

    The point is that you, who have claimed to be a Christian would endeavor to make such a comment to another Christian. As we have stated and once again proved, you made a personal attack, changed the words said. It is out of line and should not have taken place.
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  3. Absolutely agreed. BUT.....watch happens right here on this thread.

    We will have comments made that will be personal attacks and out of line to even say. That will lead to retailiation, confrontation and the thread will be closed.
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  4. You said............
    "However, when the fruits of the Spirit are missing, when libel, slander, rudeness or petty insults are slung by Christians who feel free to act like the world to defend their religion....well....then you have problems."

    Well there it is!!! You have correctly identified the problem. As I have said many, many times; it is not so much what is said BUT how it is said that causes a problem. So now, how do you suggest that we fix it?
  5. I did address your question. The line, my friend is in the Bible. pick it up and read it.
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    No...You answered one question.....about non-Protestants. Look closer at my post: I underscored TEN difficulties as to what others would consider "false"....You answered ONE.

    Now you are spinning matters or ignoring what I said: who knows?

    Could anyone who teaches the above be in your "removable" camp?
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    Well, reading through this thread there seems to be a MAJOR doctrinal principle missing.....

    I agree there is a benefit from trying to help young or weak in the faith believers through correct Scriptural teachings in love, but, when there are prideful, arrogant, holier than thou responses or hurt feelings demanding an apology, then that's the flesh, coming from a baby or child in Christ, we are commanded to crucify the flesh and it's desires and to walk in the Spirit, to reckon the old man dead, .......dead men don't have feelings!

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  8. Gene...Please! You consider yourself without feelings?
    You consider folks that do not agree with you "holier than thou", or arrogant?
    How is that not your reacting to "feelings"?

  9. As Major has been on my ignore list from the get go, I never read his posts so can't agree or disagree, but the OP is about CFS getting BACK to friendly. I haven't seen anything to indicate it has departed from that unless of course those who feel they are disagreed with treat that as unfriendly?
    I agree that I see FALSE doctrine on here, but that is on ALL Forums, and no more so on CFS than any other Christian forum.
    I don't see that ANYONE has been sanctioned to NOT pursue what they view as false doctrine. The mods have closed threads that get heated or contentious, but that is their right and NOTHING can be done about that.
    Maybe you should start a thread or three about those perceived false doctrines and see what happens? I am MORE than happy to contribute to ANY thread that will deal with false doctrine.
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  10. Dead men also don't post of forums!
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  11. Sorry? What idea? :cool:

  12. If I may interject, how is that BIBLE thing working for you? We ALL have the Bible and there are many opinions. What I see as Biblical is NOT always accepted by others. Do you think CFS should have a statement of faith and then boot whoever does not agree with it?
    My experience over the last 6-8 years on forums is that NEW/BABY Christians do not go on forums, or they avoid contentious threads because they don't have the knowledge, so how exactly can it be detrimental for them?

    I have know very few heretics, and they have NEVER responded to Christian love. Read up on the Pharisees.
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  13. stan yes we all have different opinions. And thats ok. There have been many, good, solid Biblical discussions on this board that Ive seen where we have seen two people of different viewpoints on the same passage collide, and thats a good thing-it usually leads to both sides learning from something-even if they dont agree. Im not speaking about stuff like that, I never had a problem with that, perhaps I should have been more clear. Respectful debate, I think should always be encouraged, and never discouraged. So please, stop trying to make it sound like I want everyone who disagrees with me banned-I have never said that, I am not saying that, and I never will say that. And if you think that, you are either misunderstanding what I am saying, or are completly making stuff up.

    The people I refer to, are the obvious false prophets-those who do not come to debate, but to spread obvious false truths, who teach it but will not debate it-who will instead look down upon anyone who argues with disdain and insult them. I will list some examples-some I have seen on this board, and some I have seen other places-many who preach that planet X is coming towards us and will destroy us, obvious cults, mother mary is some kind of diety standing naked on the moon, just to name a few. And even here, Im ok with polite debate between people of different views-but when it comes to a person standing, teaching, on a high horse like it is 100% fact and all else are heathans, those are the ones that need to go.
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  14. And that has been my main point all along!
    Folks who do not want to be disagreed with or shown how they are disagreed with by others get all huffy and call folks arrogant.
    A CHRISTIAN forum is about sharing ideas, NOT a mutual back patting club, or cheer leading squad. If a "mature" Christian cannot take his opinion being examined on the Internet, God help him in the real world.
  15. Well...That is much clearer, even if you won't answer my #55 post.

    So....Where are these "heathen posts"??? Show us some links! Cut to the chase....evidence, please.
  16. well rusty, I am under the impression I already have answered it. If you something I have not, perhaps clarify what I have not and I will.

    And second, I just mentioned a couple of examples, and clarified what I think should be allowed and not-perhaps you should read all of my post, maybe it will clear up any of your misunderstandings. And I am not going to sit here and point fingers on here. Thats rather childish, dont you think?
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    One....You only addressed one of my 10 issues...on #55 (non-Protestants...yet contradict yourself by dragging up Mary apparitions!)That's your right, but vagueness is not real useful in understanding you.

    Two...Why won't you specifically point out what you see as heresy? How is straightforwardness "childish"?

    Three....Have you reported or PM Adm about these "high horse heathens" from Planet X? Everyone I have reported was cut off. Maybe you have not followed protocol.
  18. to address you first concern. Again, I was under the impression I answered them. If you think I did not, then repeat the ones you want me to answer, if not, then stop pushing me about them because you obviously do not want me to answer them, you just want to raise contention.

    Two. I did specifically list a few points that I thought of were heresy, one of them was a major bone of contention some months back, and Im pretty sure at least some of the major contributers of this thread-and possibly even you-were involved in said debate. But no, I am not going to sit here and point fingers. Like I said, that is childish. I also have said, I have no problem with polite debate of heresies in the proper forum, I have also clearly outlined what should not be allowed-so maybe you should do what your accusing me of not doing, and actually reading my entire posts

    Thirdly. Its none of your business whether Ive reported any of them or not, and the only reason for it to even be a factor in this debate, is dirt for you to win-which isn't what I call a good clean debate. So if your going to play dirty, then this debate is over-perhaps it is good that the admins dont allow heated debates on this site, if after all no one can read anothers comment all the way through, and put words in the others mouths, and play dirty, just to win.
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  19. Well there you go. From respectful to accusatory in one sentence. How exactly does THAT work? I asked you if you thought CFS should do something, and you go and accuse me of saying something I did NOT. How exactly do you plan on having ANY respectful debates when you can't even get simple responses straight?

    Sorry but that just sounds like a rant. Please do go ahead and post a concrete OP about false teaching on CFS. Don't really care about other sites or YouTube videos. BTW, polite debate does NOT entail calling people false teachers or heretics, unless you can support IN scripture, that it IS false teaching, so I look forward to your posts. Please let me know when your post an OP.
  20. Well admittedly I speed read this thread from your posts on, but I didn't see anything substantial that addressed Rusty's concerns or even yours. The point is that you should post an OP, with your concerns clearly defined AND addressed, then hopefully, POLITE debate can ensue from there. Right now this is just going in circles.

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