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Discussion in 'Important Things To Consider' started by Jeffin, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Disagree. I think the site needs to be (within the constraints that we either believe or are trying, perhaps even struggling to believe in Christ) neutral and deletions could produce all sorts of accusations of bias.

    I don't really see a move other than friendly reminders from mods.
  2. This has been the norm....and they are ignored...The "spite cycle" continues
  3. I usually delete the posts but try to leave topics intacts if I can. Some topics are just not worth their own existence. When a topic is just a bunch of bickering, it does much more harm than good and must face capital punishment. Sometimes my warnings are slightly less than friendly, and as much as I try to be unbiased, that isn't always completely possible. In such cases, I'll often leave something I disagree with when I delete a series of posts so that I"m not censoring according to my own beliefs. Still, I can't always be successful because I don't always understand both sides of the issue well enough to be completely unbiased. Mostly, I'm just always surprised at how often mature Christians fail to act according to love, and instead choose to use their faith as a weapon against other believers. I don't think that pleases God, and it always grieves me and often makes me wonder how much I want to involve immerse myself in such negativity.
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  4. I never found Christian "maturity" is symptomatic with age, indoctrination or personal conviction of one's own orthodoxy.

    An unbiased heart is hard to find...just seems an unwillingness to consider other perspectives is tantamount to apostasy in some minds.
  5. Thanks for explaining Banarenth. It does sound difficult....
  6. I don't have a context as I haven't seen (yet) any unfriendly banter. I think to the Apostles who were arguing amongst themselves as to who was the better one. And Jesus nipped that right quick! Lol So, the Christian church is a human one and hopefully, we can learn to grow together in love.
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  7. Im going to add in a somewhat different opinion on here. Since Ive joined, Ive seen a lot of different viewpoints-but not a lot of actual, real in depth discussion-as a lot of things, are discouraged on here, such as politics, or really debates of any kind. The Bible says iron sharpens iron. I agree we need to polite in our discussions, but on the same note, I think we need to thicken our skins to, I think if this forum wants to move forward, they should allow more debates, have a section just for debating current events, biblical theology, prophecy, etc etc. If someone gets out of hand, edit or delete the offending post and sending the offending person a polite warning. As long as you have a solid TOS and dont modify or delete anything that isnt in the TOS there will be no accusations of bias.
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  8. Lol
  9. I would suggest that moderators start up a ministry of "unity and enduring". Forums are a great place to shoot at each other right between the eyes with what we think is truth. In the real world none of us (most?) wouldn't be as automatic and quick to give advice. For those who monitor this site, some of you may have the Spiritual Gifts to minister to us as we move away from sharing the truth in love into just winning an argument. Paul says that if we are strong we need to own the insults of the weak for their spiritual learning Romans 15. There is never going to be perfect unity of every doctrine with believers, but what I've noticed in my own life is that God doesn't choose the right over the wrong in every circumstance but He chooses the humble over the prideful. Glorifying God, that's our goal. We can only do this by being humble, being Christlike. None of us will be like Christ's righteousness, we are sinners. But what did Christ do for us that we "can do"? He forgave us when we didn't think that we needed forgiveness. We can forgive others who don't see what we see as doctrinal truth and error, so that others can look in on how we as Christians are able to move forward together in love despite our idiosyncrasies and foibles and they will glorify our Father in heaven.
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  10. I realize that this post is old but when I read it again today I was impressed to make a comment to you Jeff.

    I believe that what you have just described ........
    "A few years ago CFS used to be a place where you could fellowship, discuss, laugh, share stuff without the fear of being attacked by a fellow member"............could once again be the norm if all the mods would be sensitive to the things posted and why they are posted.

    I am not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but anyone can observe the animosity, attack mode writing, and yes even the heresy that is posted here. When that happens, why is there not a warning given and then the second time it happens, BOOM, they are gone.

    As long as anger, personal attacks, an attitude of arrogance and obvious "get even" attitudes are condoned, it will never improve my friend. That is because God does not get the glory in such comments.

    Having been in the church business a long time, (And in many ways this site is a church) I can assure that ignoring the obvious will never improve the situation. It will not improve and just go away! It will get worse.

    I promise you that some of the things said here and the WAY they have been said to other members would never be tolerated in most churches. The pastor and leadership of churches are called to keep order and promote love among the brethren.

    Hebrews 12:10
    "For they (Earthly Fathers) disciplined us for a short time as seemed nest to them, but He disciplines us for our good, that we may share His holiness".

    God's purpose is our holiness and since that is the case, what then should our attitude and response be to our brothers and sisters in Christ??? An attitude of indifference or arrogance places us on very dangerous ground with the Lord.
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  11. First: No one here is appointed by God to decide what is "heresy". There is no Church Police Force, not Inquisition on a forum, which by definition is an open public discussion, not a Baptist, Catholic or Presbyterian orthodoxy class. If you don't want your comfy opinions questioned, don't join a forum!

    Second: The idea of banning has been discussed and explained many many times by the Adm. Let them decide.

    Third: "He who is without guilt, throw the first stone". I find whiners are often the worst offenders.

    Fourth: If your dying for fellowship so badly that the Internet forum is a big deal for you....Check you personal relationships. Church is not a business; marriage is not a business.
  12. I agree with major actually. I have observed a lot of false doctrine on this boards. Now, I don't think we should be attacking those who are promoting it-but we should have the right to challenge it, and they keep pushing false doctrine, then they need to be removed-After all, as christians, we need to stand on the Bible-if we cannot stand on the Bible, and false doctrine is allowed in, then what good is the church? what good is a forums? if we allow false doctrine to be preached, unchallenged?
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  13. I like that idea! :)
  14. and rusty, we dont need a church police force to decide what is heresy and what is not, we have the Bible, it spells out what is heresy, and what is not. We need to address, and challenge heresy, whether its in our local church, whether its on a online forum, or even at work-false doctrine is false doctrine nonetheless, and a lot of people, are actually learning online.

    I will say, however, your statement church is not a business, and marriage is not a business, not only is that a true statement, I fully agree. They are both relationships. We need to build relationships in everything we do, with everyone we meet. We need to challenge heresy, but its best done in love, best to build a relationship and show them the error in their ways lovingly, but there also has to be a line drawn in the sand-and if that line is not drawn, bad doctrine will spread like a weed, and many young christians may be led astray. And its better to offend and ban a few false prophets-then to lose the least of these.
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    Ok....What false doctrines are you wanting to be "capital" offenses? Your ideas of false doctrines? Your church's ideas? Your culture's ideas?

    Ban all non-Protestants? Ban all who speak in tongues? Ban all who call folks who go to doctors of "little faith"? Ban all they don't follow you end-times scenario?

    Ban all who are against Christians:

    • carrying guns?
    • having tattoos?
    • who have images in church?
    • who require churchwoman to cover their heads, clam up in church service?
    • who hate hip-hop Christian music?
    • who dislike Christians in politics
    Your gonging to need a looooooooong "heretic list" for this daydream to work.
  16. Then man up and defend, don't ban! Banning is proof of fear and inability to meet error.
    Do you fire people at work if they don;t fit your ideas about what YOU think the Bible says?

    I say ban people who are rude, use unchristian words to hurt and yet pretend to be saints. Ban fakes, not those who see the Bible differently than you.
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  17. So do you volunteer to know every time where that line is? Can you truthfully say all that you know and preach is God's way?
  18. now see rusty, here is the problem. I said we need to draw a line, and we need to allow discussion. any kind of prolonged debate, since Ive started here, has been heavily discouraged. So how are we to "man up and defend" if were not allowed to debate? just curious.

    I never said ban all non-protestents, or those who believe differently. Never. So please, please DO NOT put words in my mouth. I said ban those who are obvious false prophets, who are only here to spread mischief. Those are pretty obvious, I think to all who actually bother to pick up the Bible and read it.

    Now, don't you think your being a slight bit hypocritical with your last post? I mean seriously, you all but accused me of being mr high and mighty-and state that we cant know it all. Well, if we can't know it all, how do you know Im wrong? just curious.
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  19. First I never accused you: that is your own thoughts.

    Debate those you find abhorrent, report those you find "evil", but kick out ones you don't like "doctrinally"?

    That's NOT discussion, that's fear, IMO.

    You want to bad folks that teach "false doctrine", yet you have yet to fully answer my post #55.
    You addressed one point (non-Protestants)...I gave a long list...Where will you draw a line on proper doctrine?

    EVERYONE here says they follow the Bible, so please: that's not answer enough for me.
  20. I see....so this was a mistake?:

    Isn't removing the same as banning?

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