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  1. Yeah, I can see your point and and agree with most of what you say.

    No worries on this end either, and many times after reading a post if it has stirred the pot of my carnal nature I won't answer until I confess my sin and Father restores my peace again so that I won't come off offensive to a brother or sister,

    ...however, in the cold, sterile world of cyber space, I have found often times the unlovingness of one poster may jaundice the thread in such a way that other posters are interpreting the sentiment of an inoffensive post or a post that was spoken in love as offensive, resulting in misconceptions and misunderstandings, ...so, love covers a multitude of sins and doesn't hold any grudges.

    Blessings bro,

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  2. Wow, triplicate?????
  3. I just sent him a PM. Hope he reads his 'inbox':)
  4. I certainly understand the logic.

    God bless YOU!
  5. OK, if I want to place someone on ignore, I don't need to be childish about it...which it is anyway. I just need to click on the relevant place and that would be that.
    However, ask yourself how good is this? ::::" Hey jerk (user name here), I'm ignoring you nyarny nyarny nyar nyar"
    and that is what a certain few here are behaving like.
    Really, you can test it out. Place someone on ignore, you can un-ignore them when test is done. You will see their posts are then hidden, but the forum will tell you something like "there is content by a person you are ignoring...view their Post?" something like that anyway.
    Now, consider...suppose you place me on ignore. Gene quotes my post and you will now need to read my quoted post in order to know what he is talking about!!! So what is the point of your ignoring me?
    If, for example you want to ignore me, just do as you have been doing so far.....read my posts, but refrain from replying.:)
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  6. Not only so Gene, how would each and everyone of us fair if Jesus placed us in His 'ignore' box?
    So just how Christlike is placing someone in our ignore boxes?
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  7. Well, let's let the Word answer that question,

    John 13:26 Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.

    Not only was Jesus not ignoring Judas (knowing he was going to betray Him John 13:18), but Jewish tradition tells us the the most honored guest at the dinner was given the sop at the end of the meal, ...Jesus, in His love, honored Judas just 'til the last moment.


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    Not really my friend. I post this because you do not seem to have read all the posts from the beginning.

    I simply made an effort to fix what I thought was a problem that could be fixed. I wanted and still want this to be a friendly Christian place of encouragement just as the directives from Jeff and Banarath have stated.

    That being the case I apologized to Rusty for any perceived problem that would cause him to act so angry and confrontational with me. Instead of accepting that apology, then moving on in our conversations as was my plea and prayer, he took every opportunity to use the apology as a battering ram to the point where I just said.........enough is enough.

    Since he does not have the ability to move on, I rescended the apology when in fact, one was never needed to begin with IMO.

    It is obvious that Rusty has some deep emotional problems when you read his comments to all posters not just me. I went out of my way and reached out to help him and my payment was to have my head snapped off and the fact that I apologized rammed down my throat again and again and again.

    I should have know better and in fact I did know better.

    What is really funny is that he uses the "ignore member" as a the same kind of hammer as he uses an apology.

    Now for being ignored. He wheels that like a jack hammer believing that someone really cares.

    Maybe someone will send him a PM and encourage him to leave me on his "ignore Member" list......PLEASE!
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  9. Yes Rusty.........It is all my fault.

    And your confrontations with calvin are my fault.
    And your confrontations with "just passing thru" are my fault.
    And your confrontations with "fish123" are my fault.
    And your confrontations with "patriot" are my fault.

    Yes, it was a short lived apology because YOU did not accept it and used it as a weapon.

    Rusty said........
    "...I never call you names or questioned your walk: you are constantly doing this to me and others."

    Unbelievable!!!! Simply unbelievable. This again speaks to the deep personal problems that are afflicting Rusty.

    In comment #167, his comment to me was............
    "Do I ignore his steamrolling and repeated attacks because I forgive him? Nope."

    In comment #166 his comment to me was............
    "YOU are the hostile one Major".

    In comment #162 his comment to me was..............
    "Make sure you know the local customs of indigenous people so you won't turn them away from the Gospel because of some Western habit you have. Make sure you are healthy enough (fit not fat) to hike miles and miles in the steaming jungles."

    "stop offending, wheedling, ferreting and gossiping about me. Stick to your apology and efforts to actual be friendly."

    Yep........it really does look like I am the problem Rusty. You never ever make any angry, confrontational comments to others. I did not take the time to post the comments you have made to others but they are there for anyone who wants to read them.

    And for the 4th time.........I have rescended the apology to you. It meant nothing to you so there is no need to have extended it.
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  10. Well Major, I took the Salmon test and I have to say that the phrase "apology accepted" features more frequently in Rusty's posts than in any other's.
    It is sad really.
    So I guess what that 'fishy' character wanted us to see is pretty much in line with your last post and also your post#189.
    Did you work through salmon's assignment? (y) :LOL:
  11. Yes I did and he was right as rain. At first I did not grasp what he was saying, but now I have come to realize he was trying help and he did good.

    Thanks (Mr.) Salmon!
  12. Thanks "calvin" for your advice many posts ago about nothing was needed. You were bery right!
  13. OK Jeff, not to worry. The problem is the auto save feature. I figured that deleting unwanted text and leaving the reply window blank till the auto save feature saves the blank window..........problem solved.
  14. What I see is about 6 pages of bullying, childish accusations. It saddens me because I know and respect most of the members involved in this. If the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, then some of these trees need some pruning.

    Here is the thing. We are no a denominational site. Defining Heresy is a denominational decision for the most part. Defining false teaching is also denominational. There is a lot of Calvinism running through the site lately. In my church, to teach that would be heresy. It would be false teaching. It would not be permitted and more than you would invite me to your church to teach Holiness. If I were invited to a Baptist church to preach, I would be respectful to their doctrines and I would preach on an topic and perspective that overlaps Nazarene Doctrine. I would neither attempt to teach OSAS because I couldn't present it honestly in a way that would be consistent with Calvinist or Baptist doctrines, nor would I insist on preaching about Entire Sanctification.

    Basically, that isn't something we can really do here. The best we can do is look at what all Christians have in common and rely on that as our definition. So long as what is said does not break our SOF, then it is not for the purposes of this site's definition of Christianity, a heresy. Please stop throwing around these emotionally charged catch-words. It's unworthy of someone who genuinely believes in Christ.
  15. Here is what I read in a few posts that I think I get:

    That this site used to be a negative site where people debated and argued. And you hard working staffers want it back to one big happy family. I am a new member here and I totally agree. I would just ignore the people that think they need to create hate toward others.
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  16. Ok I haven't read through all the posts, I am new and I thought the name 'friendly christian forums' was really good, I'm sorry to find it is not in some circles anymore.

    I think we can't really do anything about false teachers creeping in and having agendas that is common the world over, I was on another CF before and the bullying got to be too much. Many were pretending to be christians and then mocking those that were. You could tell by the sorts of things they posted and their attitudes, especially those genuinally asking for help. Many of those bullies were simply attention seekers and very arrogant and prideful of their own opinions. They would ignore everything the Bible says even when people were kind and spoke the truth in love, they didn't want to hear it.

    In the new testament the early church was infiltrated by those who weren't saved and their god was their belly. They professed to know Him, but showed in their actions they did not. Some very good advice given in Jude was that we can't let wolves in sheeps clothing in. So I think for those joining up you MUST have a testimony. I think way too many people join up who aren't even saved and come to gawk and laugh at christians and attack others cos it makes them feel superior.

    I am thinking to recreate the atmosphere of a friendly christian forum we need a space where we can break bread with each other and SHARE what God is doing in our lives. If you are just a seeker you can post as a guest I suppose but don't pretend to be christian if you are not.

    We are known by the way we love. If a brother offends, we forgive seventy times seven. If they fall and stumble, we pick them up and restore them. We don't hold grudges. We pray for each other. There needs to be some sort of gospel station for those that don't really know the gospel. I don't know if statements of faith or creeds work I think you can't just write those out and get people to say amen for all believers it must come from within, to say in their own words how Jesus saved them. If someone isn't baptised, I would still acknowledge them as a believer but encourage them to seek baptism. Let the Holy Spirit do His work.
  17. The other christian forum site I was on had an insane amount of rules.
    Grace was noticeably absent.
    Also they had this section that actually encouraged theological debate, which is not what the New Testament says, it says we are not to debate, backbite or argue. And I guess, my experience on that forum was not the best. Even the ads were non-christian, they had ads about astrology, palm reading and losing weight etc. I don't know why I stuck with it so long really.

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