Lets Discuss The Crashed (shot Down?) Malaysian Flight Mh-17 Here

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    Malaysia Airlines MH17 Plane Crash Over Ukraine Live Update, Photos and Videos

    :( This tragedy that claimed 295 innocent lives, 280 passengers and 15 crew, most passengers being from the Netherlands, occurred on the July 17th anniversary of the crash of TWA flight 800 into the Atlantic near East Moriches, New York in 1996.
    That was thought to be a flight brought down by a military missile. As this flight in Ukraine is thought to be an act of terrorism or a surface to air missile attack perpetrated by Russia. Or perhaps someone in Ukraine.
    Only time will tell as the investigation has just gotten underway. The flight recorders are already retrieved from the crash site.
    And thanks to cell video there are videos of the flight in air and on the ground for investigators to review. Unfortunately of course in this technological age they've also made their way to the net.
    Many of the victims on this flight were found still seat belted to their seats. :( God have mercy.

    There is a thread already posted related to this tragedy that informs of the crash and asks for prayers and even affords a link to a candle lighting website (here), so that those who are interested can participate in sharing their prayers for those who grieve.

    This thread is an opportunity to take this to the level of political discussion about this tragedy.

    What are your thoughts? Did Russia take this plane out?
    How could they do that when the squawkers on commercial passenger planes identify them separate and apart from a fighter jet?

    God have mercy on all who were lost and comfort those who grieve. Amen. [​IMG]

    I look forward to your thoughts. Respect for the dead and the grieving is appreciated in advance. :)
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    I'll say what I said in the other post and then delete that comment there. It's getting more interesting. I knew it had to be either taken down by someone on board, by another aircraft, or by a SAM because no hand held missile can reach the altitude that this plane was flying, which was 32,000 feet. Or even the 21,000 feet the transport was flying. A SAM could definitely do it but it's unclear as to who possesses ones modern enough to hit a plane a 32k ft. Time will tell though!

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    Mods, please delete my comment in the other thread. Thank you. - Done/HMS
  3. Floral Tributes for MH17 Victims Outside Dutch Embassy in Kiev
    Residents of the Ukrainian capital Kiev set up memorial on Friday outside the Dutch embassy. Locals stopped to leave flowers, candles, toys and other tributes to the 298 people who died when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine on Thursday. (Photo: Getty Images)

    Wouldn't the Google Earth site have a record of this strike on MH-17?
  4. :) So far 26 candles are alight for the lost and the grieving in this tragedy. ((here)) Thank you all. Please continue to share your prayers . [​IMG]

  5. You know what, im still on that other plane that totally got ghost( disappeared)
    With all the technology and satellites we have, atleast "a" body should be found..but nothing....
    That's scary stuff right there,

    You know something big is bound to happen soon.
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  6. YES! Russia shot that plan down. They either did it directly or indirectly through their thugs in Ukraine. Putin is as guilty as a fox in a hen house BUT, there is not going to be one single thing done.

    May I say that this is exactly like Russia invading Georgia. Russia is pushing the envelope at every opportunity because Putin in an old school CIA Russian and he wants Russia to be THE world power it used to be.

    I recommend that everyone reading this now open their Bible to Ezekiel 38 and read what is coming. Ezekiel says that the war of "Gog & Magog" is coming and I say that it is on our door step right now. Russia will come against Israel and will come right through Georgia and Turkey and Lebanon.
  7. Yes mame! Keep looking up!!!!
  8. It's intriguing to watch contemporary news such as this that breaks our hearts and yet realize so much of it seems to coincide with Bible prophecy.

    What surprises the world shouldn't be much of a surprise to Bible believing Christians.

    Putin's daughter lives in the Netherlands with her boyfriend in an apartment near the Hague.
    Most of the dead on this flight were from there. Now there's scheduled a protest in front of her apartment. While the Dutch Mayor is now apologizing for saying she should be deported.
    Me thinks he got a very angry long distance call from the Kremlin.

    Dutch Mayor Sorry he Said Putin's Daughter Should be Deported From Netherlands

    By RHEANA MURRAY July 23, 2014

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  9. Rolls Royce put the engines in that plane. It is said they can track every little thing about them, from functioning unto their being lost in a crash.
    Yet RR denied that.
    MH370: Rolls Royce denies engine data report

    S Retnanathan
    | March 14, 2014

    Meanwhile, none of the mainstream news outlets have reported, possibly because Rothschilds own 6 media outlets, that after MH-370 disappeared, Jacob Rothschild became the sole owner of a new semiconductor patent worth unimaginable money.
    Now that bit of news is relegated to the conspiracy news outlets like Prison Planet, etc...
    But you notice that with this latest Malaysia flight tragedy, even though its fate is known, hardly any outlet has revisited MH-370. In fact it isn't news now at all.

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