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    Lent starts next week and it's going to be the subject of my next Sunday School lesson.

    We're definitely going to have pretzels but I need more ideas. Any tips and suggestions are more than welcome.

    I don't know if this is a stupid question but here it goes: what's the connection between Lent and Jesus' 40 days in the desert? Is it just the number 40?

    How do you guys celebrate Lent?
  2. One year I did a Daniels fast....that was great. Will be praying as to how God wants me to prepare for Resurrection Sunday this year.

    I am not entirely sure of all the parameters, but to me lent (which I believe is a Catholic term and concept) is a time to prepare our hearts for receiving what Jesus did for us on the cross. Receiving His Redemptive Sacrifice to atone for our sins, and to put to death all the works of the devil. Poverty (spiritual and physical), sickness and disease, the power of sin and death, and anything to do with then curse in Deut. 28:15 to the end of the chapter.

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  3. I don't adhere to Lent. If it was taught in scripture, I would, but it's not. It's a time set aside by religious folk. It has some assigned meaning, but we are not called by God to it.
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  4. Thanks for your replies, guys.

    Lent is not just a catholic tradition, many other Christians also celebrate it.
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  5. Fasting and prayer are needed, Mat 17:21; Heb 13:9, but as a formula of religious activity instead of Holy Spirit driven is wrong, 1 Tim 4:1-5.
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  6. Lent has NOTHING to do with Christ and His 40 days in the desert. I'm not sure why so many know nothing of this fact! It's pagan and preceded by the sinful celebration of Marti gras. Although sincere in their fasting and prayer, it's a false humility based on works righteousness that Catholism teaches. It's a denial of Christ and His merits alone for salvation; which popery denies with its anti Christ teachings. Please study on this and don't be swayed by popery (roman Catholism) and its idolatrous "holy" days like (Ishtar) Easter worship.. And the compromise of the hirelings in the so called evangelical churches who find nothing wrong with sun worship
  7. What's with all this "sun worship" stuff? I know no one that worships the sun. Maybe some pigmies in some lost island somewhere. Maybe I'm missing something. I do worship this Son, maybe it's a phonetic issue... :p
  8. Ancient Babylonian, Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman pagan sun worship.. Nimrod: (son) Tammuz. Osiris: son (son) Horus. And so on.. Roman Catholism: Mithraism. Queen of heaven worship of Semiramis or Isis or " Mary"... Luciferianism.. If done a study on these pagan idolatrous religions, u would conclude that it's in full effect in today's occultic or hidden systems of worship throughout all false religion, including Christendom.. And especially popery
  9. You quoted all dead civilizations. I don't see any modern "sun" worshipers. Idol worships for sure, but nothing about the sun.
  10. And the esoteric beliefs behind those idolatrous dead civilizations? Like I said, if done a study on them you would see that it's in full effect today.. No different from those civilizations in the past
  11. I'd rather stick to the word of God. :)
  12. Ok.. Has everything to do with the truth of Gods Word! And is why the vast majority that profess Christ can't discern truth from heresy
  13. I never thought why it was 4o days. This is from Wikipedia

    One calculation has been that the season of Lent lasts from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday.[21][22] This calculation makes Lent last 46 days, if the 6 Sundays are included, but only 40, if they are excluded,[23]because there is no obligation to fast on the six Sundays in Lent.[21][22] This definition is still that of the Anglican Church,[24]Lutheran Church,[25]Methodist Church,[26] and Western Rite Orthodox Church.[27]

    I have never observed Lent myself. My mom, wife have all done it. I respect people who observe it though.

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