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  1. Well this movie is finally in theaters. Anyone going?
  2. I had no intention of seeing what Hollywood would do to this book in a movie after seeing how terrible the movie of Noah was done.

    However, I was just told by my wife that Willy who stars in the TV series "Duck Dynasty" is the producer of the movie.

    From his testimony and actions on his show, he appears to be a very committed born again believer and I think he just may insist on the truth of God's Word being presented in his movie just as it is on his TV show. Just a thought!!!
  3. I think I will see it this weekend and will post a review of it here.
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  4. Please do. I would be interested if it follows the Bible or the book "Left Behind".
  5. Nah, im gonna see Book of Life starring Zoe Saldana when it comes out.

    But i will say god truly is trying to attract our attention. This is the most christian movies ive seen come out ..nearly back to back in the span of 3 months.

    With Ebola spreading and Isis on it rampage... its only a matter of time.

    Jesus truly is on the cusp of His return.
  6. I rarely go to the theatre, so no. I have heard that the Left Behind series of books was quite popular, but have not read them.
  7. Aw really, why not? :)

    Fun stuff happens dere ^~^
  8. First off I'm terribly cheap and balk at spending $10 to see a movie that may be less than wonderful.
    My definition of what is fun has also changed quite a bit since I've gotten older.
    My kids used to joke with me and ask if I saw dinosaurs when I was a kid or if Moses went to my high school.
    My boys and I will definately go see the third Hobbit movie when it comes out in December, but we have no plans to see
    anything before that. Maybe in another really good X-Men or Avengers film came out.
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  9. Oh yeah, i forgot about the price...10 smackers is pretty outrageous huh...especially for one person.
    And with netflicks,redbox,and hulu...you can just wait till it comes on one of them and watch in the comfort of your own home lol.

    But, i had no idea you had kids , thats neat, they must be adults by now. :)
  10. My boys are 14 and 12. I started my family kind of late in life.
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  11. It doesn't look very good to me.
  12. Amen sister!!!
  13. They were "wildly" successful Glo. There were somewhere around 5 or 6 books that led to I believe 3 or 4 movies that were very well produced, but were not totally Biblically correct IMO.
  14. Ah no worries, your kids will keep you young. 14& 12 are such tender ages... i remember junior high lol..and im a pretty late bloomer for 23 yr old.

    We all start at different times..
  15. I may sound like a skeptic, but I suspect this movie will only be preaching to the choir and not the unconverted. In fact, people are lining up to see how unintentionally funny it will be.

    Sadly, the other Left Behind movies I saw were extremely comical, and that is not what it was ever supposed to be.
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    The books are supposed to deal with Christian dispensationalist End Times: pretribulation, premillennial, Christian eschatological viewpoint of the end of the world.

    That's a whole lot of things I personally don't subscribe to so I'll give the movie a pass. Also like Lysander I expect there'd be a whole lot of unintentional giggling going on.
  17. I really doubt if people are going to watch a movie that is suppose to be serious and giggle through it. The trailer seemed pretty decent so we'll see.
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    Critics have made a career of taking so-bad-they're-good movies and bringing them to light. Nicholas Cage is even today considered to be one of the embodiments of this concept (which I believe started from his very bad yet hilarious movie The Wicker Man).

    This doesn't look like a disaster of a movie (the others were low quality of course), but it doesn't strike me as something that will be taken seriously, and not because of its Biblical themes (that's too easy for the anti-Christian skeptics), but just because it genuinely looks like that kind of movie.

    Many people (myself included) really love watching movies that are intended to be serious but just end up being funny instead. This one won't get a cult following like The Room of course, but I'm only predicting based on the trailer, the star, and what I've reviewed already that this one won't be taken too seriously.
  19. Let me know if its any good. I had no plans of watching it. I'm waiting for the Christian movie with Christian bale to come out.
  20. That is the one with Moses right?

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