Left Behind Movie

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  1. It seems there is a new Left Behind movie coming out with Nicholas Cage in it. What does everyone think? It will be in theaters in October
  2. We saw a clip in church. Looks interesting. I must say, I really like the fact that Hollywood is doing more mainstream Christian movies with big name actors.
  3. Really?? I did not know that! is it also based on the book or some adaptation with all hollywood masala added?
  4. Thanks but I think I'll be leaving it behind.
  5. I think Hollywood is changing it a bit but based off book
  6. My son is on a Nick Cage meme phase... he's thrilled because he's learning photoshop and he's pasting Nick into everything from the "man in the moon" to the Mona Lisa, printing them out and leaving them throughout the house ... and his sister is about to pounce on him and knock some sense into him ... siblings...
  7. So, what role is Nicholas Cage playing?
  8. The pilot
  9. Wow. I want to watch.
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  10. Thanks, I was imagining him as nicolae carpathia:)
  11. they have a trailer out

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