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  1. I have enjoyed the conversation and the folks on this forum, I find I cannot stay on a forum that allows the faith of believers to be ridiculed by non-believers. I have attempted to defend our faith and have been silenced, I see no defense by certain mods being made, but only to protect those who would be allowed to insult. Those of you who have enjoyed my post, look on some of the others forums and I will use the same title.
  2. You have not been silenced.

    You made your point and continued to pound away after I asked you to ease up.
  3. Let me ask you guys on this thread, what is the rules in regards to those who come on this forum and ridicule the faith of the believers on this forum? I can take anyone of them to the foundation of there own beliefs and defeat there logic if I am allowed. But if those who ridicule our faith are given protection from the mods, how can we defend ourselves? If a standard of mutual respect for each others beliefs is established, then a conversation can take place and the weak believers on this forum can be protected.
  4. Humbly speaking, you're too sensitive. Don't let the devil defeat you so easily. Hope you stay, have a blessed day.

  5. Don't go Mitspa. I enjoy your posts and you are one of the reasons I came back to post. You have a lot to say and are a great voice for the Lord.
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  6. Please stay!
  7. The devil cannot defeat me.. I stand by grace...Your judging something without knowing what has occurred and the limits that have been placed upon my ability to respond to these people who ridicule the faith of others on this forum. Now you may think it does not effect those who are weak in faith? But I tell you it does and I do not intend to be a part a forum that allows the faith of their members to ridiculed why those who have power to defend are silenced.
  8. I'm sure it does effect them, more reason to stay right? Okay, now I'm curious, which thread are you referring to?
  9. Just look at some of the comments on that thread "ask a atheist" its shameful that these comments are allowed on a Christian forum, Where is the moderators? why are these people allow to insult in such a manner and I am limited by the strictest standards in my defense of the truth?
  10. If im not allowed to defend the faith? What good am I to them?
  11. I'll read some of them now.
  12. I was told that I could not make the point that "nothing cannot blow-up and make everything" again and was cut-off from the conversation in the thread where these issues of science and faith where being discussed. Now the point being that logic and the known laws of science defeat those who where ridiculing the faith of others by science itself. Tubby even had to admit that one had to suspend the known laws of science to believe this scientific theory. Thus the debate was won and we come to a place in a discussion where we are no longer in a discussion of "science" but of faith and belief. In a discussion on those grounds the believer in Christ is always at the advantage.
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  13. By the grace of God, I will not stand in the dark nor will I not call the darkness what it is. I will keep the rules and standards of this forum, if those rules are just and protect Gods people. If this forum allows only the ungodly to offend and the righteous must not offend the ungodly? What chance do we have to defend the truth on this forum?
  14. There are a couple of things being said here that may not be quite as they appear:

    1. Debates between non christians and christians and between christians have been going on throughout the ages. However, in my experience, virtually no one changes their mind or is persuaded in a debate.

    2. I think the need to "defend the truth" and to prevent bystanders from being led astray is overrated because of #1 above.

    3. If we need to ban or censor atheists it should be because they exhibited bad behaviour, not simply because they argued their point well.

    4. Noone should be forced into agreeing with anyone else otherwise we are fostering pretense rather than honesty.

    5. There is false teaching all over the internet. Just because its disallowed here doesn't mean people won't find it elsewhere. You can't protect people from themselves.

    6. God doesn't need defending. He is big enough to fight his own battles.

    So please take these points into consideration and try to state more specifically what it is that is bugging you about those threads. Maybe the situation isn't as desire as what you are thinking right now in the heat of the moment.
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  15. To my friends and those who would defend the faith. God has showed me the place where He made it impossible for man to defeat the logic of faith? The fact that matter-time and space exist is that which testifies against the wisdom of man, just as the scriptures declare.

    Ro 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    They cannot explain creation without going into some form of a "belief system" no matter what theory they come up with it is always based on some sort of "belief" some sort of idea that they "believe". They are in a system of religious belief and sad form of faith yet it is a "faith". Now when you have established that as the place of debate the believer is no longer in the disadvantage of having to explain what no one can explain. But rejoice in your faith and make sure the debate is put as a discussion of faiths.

    Now what some will do is try to go away from the point of creation, so they don't have to admit their religious beliefs. They point to all kinds of things to avoid the thing that destroys their pretense of logic based upon facts. They are like the children that see Christmas presents under the tree and think that is evidence of Santa clause. Make sure you establish this first great evidence of God and you will never lose a debate with a evolutionist or those of their ilk.
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  16. My friend this is a "Christian" forum and it is a common practice on Christian forums to demand that the faith of the members is not insulted and degraded but that it be respected by those who come to the forum. In fact I do not know a Christian forum that does not keep this as just part of the basic rules.
  17. Please stay. I have not seen anything wrong with your posts.
  18. Sometimes before things that are unjust can be addressed, there needs to be some who knows what is right and takes a stand to defend the things that are right. It is not right that some non-believers are allowed to come on this forum and degrade the faith of the members and the members are not allowed to defend their faith. Its just not right and I suggest if they don't start defending the members (or at least allow us to make a defense) that all should leave this forum and find a place where they are safe, especially a new believer.

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